10 Best 12 Volt Car Heaters 2021

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12V Car Heater – ⭐ Best Overall 12 Volt Car Heater


  • Color: Black
12V Car Heater
  • Heating & Cooling 2-in-1 - Exhaust air without waiting for the engine to warm up. Defrost or demist your car windows quickly and efficiently. Can also be used as a fan in summer.
  • Easy to Use - Just plug it into the 12V car cigarette lighter and turn it on.
  • Wide Application - Widely used for car, truck, vehicle, air conditioner and other commonly used appliances. Fit for all 12V vehicle cars.
  • Quick Installation - Can be mounted either on the anti-skid pads, or fixed with double-sided adhesive, also can be mounted by using the screws as well (Not included).
  • High Quality & Professional Design - Made Of High Quality Materials, excellent design and smooth feel.

JAuto Fast Heating Car Heater – 💲 Best Budget 12 Volt Car Heater

JAUTO-12V150W-Red by Joeoy

  • Color: Red
  • Weight: 0.6 pounds
  • Dimensions: 7 x 3 x 5 inches
JAuto Fast Heating Car Heater
  • NEW UPGRADE CAR HEATER: Different from the old version, the newly upgraded car heater has three air outlets, produce wind with large area and increases the heating power of the product. In heating mode, our car heater can heat quickly and efficiently in 60 seconds to clean the frost, fog, mist, even remove snow on your vehicle's windshield, keeping your view in driving is clearly and ensuring your driving safety.
  • MULTIFUNCTION: Cooling and Heating 2 in 1, you can use the mode of fan as a cooling fan to give you wind in the summer, and use heat in the winter for defrosting/demisting window & windscreens. You just need to change the switch. , then the hot air or cool wind will come out immediately as your needs.
  • EASY TO INSTALL & USE: Small, compact size makes this car heater uses very convenient. Just plug it in your car's cigarette lighter. Press the fan or heater switch and the fan starts working. User-friendly design, with a 360 degree rotatable bracket, can adjust to any angle, very convenient and comfortable to use. Low energy loss, low noise, no fire.
  • HIGH QUALITY & DURABLE: Made from ABS and polymer heat-resistant hard plastic, using cigarette lighter plug design, built-in fuse, automatic power-off protection, anti-voltage, safer use. User-friendly design which is energy-saving with low consumption. It boasts the concentrated air outlet, long and wide range. But if the temperature is very low, the heater needs enough time to reach a relatively high temperature before defrosting and demisting.
  • NOTE: This product suitable for all 12V 150W vehicles. If the heater stop working, please adjust your vehicle voltage. Note that the 150W product is not enough to make your whole car warmer, it can ONLY provide enough heat to achieve the effect of defrosting and demisting the windows.

DENESTUS Upgraded of 12V Universal Auxiliary Heater Underdash Heat with – 👑 Premium Pick


  • Color: Grey
DENESTUS Upgraded of 12V Universal Auxiliary Heater Underdash Heat with
  • ■ DENESTUS Upgraded Under Dash Heater is a kind of energy-saving heater comes with mounting brackets and speed control switch, support under dash installation.Suitable models for trucks, minivans, excavators, harvesters and so on.
  • ■ Features : Energy-efficient heater, can provides more heat output than battery-powered heater in low consumption.Make full use of hot coolant, functions in the same way as engine cooling system, environmentally friendly.
  • ■ Performance : Powerful blower motor and 4 holes air outlets provides strong warm air flow to passenger compartment. High efficient copper pipe heating core helps to warm up the air through the core in seconds.
  • ■ Spec : Material with Copper, Iron.Optional Voltage: 12V and Power supply: 8A. Fitting required - 5/8'' (16mm) inner diameter water hose.
  • ■ DENESTUS Free Shipping Fast Stock By USA. We promise provide 100% satisfied after-sales service.Contact us for any problem, we will reply to help you solve your confusion.

Car Heater

ZHICAIBAO by Shenzhen ZHICAIBAO Intelligent Technology Co., LTD Gecter

  • Color: black
Car Heater
  • 【UL Certification】The cable of our this car heater made of bold and lengthen pure copper ,and aprroved the safe UL Certification,won’t easy to break.won't get hot during use nor damage your car battery. It can give you a comfortable and safe driving.
  • 【Enlarge Heating Vent Area】The area of the heating grilles is doubled.It is easy to make the stronger heating wind and accelerate the process of defrosting and defogging your Windshield. The setting of a temperature control switch can offer perfect Overheat Protection,the car heater will automatically cut off the power if the temperature is too high.
  • 【Highly Effective】Power: 200W, Operating voltage: 12 V continuous current. Power supply: 12 V car cigarette lighter connector.200W Large power,fast heat. Can be heated rapidly within one minute,efficient heat dissipation design,you won’t waiting in the cold weather .
  • 【Ergonomic Hand Held Design】,a 360 degree holder is designed for free adjustment, which meets all the directions heating and you can adjust it to your preference angle.
  • 【NOTICE】Cigarette lighter's output  is NOT lower than 12V/ 12.5A/ 150W . Damage to your car will be occurred if lower than this. Please confirm it before purchasing!【The heater cannot replace the air conditioner to heat the entire vehicle, it is used to defog and defrost the car glass in a short time!】Any other issues when you receive or use,please don't hesitate to let us know at first time,we'd definitely address your concern!

IXAER Car Heater Car Windshield Defogger Defroster 12V 800W Car

by ixaer

  • Color: Gray
IXAER Car Heater Car Windshield Defogger Defroster 12V 800W Car
  • ✔️QUICK HEAT ONLY 5 SECOND--12V 800W High Power Car Heater made by PTC ceramic heating element, 5 second instant heating. Provide the comforts for travel, camping, glass defrost mist.
  • ✔️MULTI FUNCTION-- Used for Windscreen defrosting, demisting and deicing. With this warm air heater, you don't have to worry about the warm air in the car is no enough in the car in winter.
  • ✔️EASY INSTALLATION-- Single switch, 2 Air outlet, 1 big cooling fan. It can be installed at the bottom of the seat, next to the foot or at any position on the car.
  • ✔️WIDE APPLICATION-- Instant heating. They are widely used at car, truck, vehicle, air conditioner and other commonly used appliances. Fit for all 12V Vehicle Cars.
  • ✔️BE A GREAT GIFT-- It can be good gifts for your lovers, fathers and friends on birthday, festivals like Hallowing, Christmas Day.

WonVon 12V 300W Car Heaters Universal Car Interior Heating Accessories

ZLLUS-2769093 by WonVon

  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 0.71 pounds
  • Dimensions: 5.1 x 3.7 x 3 inches
WonVon 12V 300W Car Heaters Universal Car Interior Heating Accessories
  • [Easy to use] The product can be used directly by connecting the cigarette lighter (make sure the car has a 12V cigarette lighter port). It has a 360° rotating bracket that can be used for adjustment and easy guidance like any other car air outlet.
  • [High-quality and high-efficiency] The high-temperature air outlet of the car heater can ensure rapid heating and convenient heating effect. It can be heated quickly within 30 seconds, and the efficient heat dissipation design will warm your winter.
  • [Multifunctional] not only can heat up quickly, but also can quickly solve the car glass fog. The purification model can also play a role in purifying the air.
  • [Widely used] The car heater is made of polymer heat-resistant hard plastic material. Ideal for car, camping and travel.
  • [After-sale Service] If you are not satisfied with our products, please feel free to contact us. Our customer service team will reply to you as soon as possible and give you a satisfactory solution. With us, you will not only enjoy good products but also excellent after-sales service. Achieve true worry-free shopping.

Portable Car Heater


  • Dimensions: 6.3 x 4.7 x 3 inches
Portable Car Heater
  • [Portable Fast Heating] : This car heater can quickly heat the air, defrost or defog the windows; three main air outlets, fixed wind direction, direct and complete heating (Note: 150W products are not enough to warm your entire car , It can only provide enough heat to achieve the effect of defrosting and defogging).
  • [Automatic Power-off Protection] : The car heater defogger has the functions of automatic heating and overheating protection; low power consumption, concentrated air outlet, long service life, and wide heating range. It quickly removes frost, fog, fog, and even snow on the windshield of a car. The cigarette lighter plug has a built-in fuse, which can automatically cut off the power.
  • [Multifunctional Design] : This car heater with dual air function, with two switches of natural air and hot air, which can be changed at will. This car heater not only defrosts/defogs the windows and windshield, but also can be used as a cooling fan in summer. You only need to replace the switch, and the hot or cool wind will be emitted immediately.
  • [Quick and Easy Installation] : When installing, just insert it into the cigarette holder or dashboard of the vehicle and open it. You can put the heater on a non-slip mat, or fix it with double-sided tape. Before fixing, wipe the dust clean and keep it dry, and then paste it, which will be more firm and strong.
  • [Adjustable Angle] : This car heater is suitable for all 12V 150W vehicles. It adopts a humanized design. The angle of the air blower can be adjusted up and down about 80 degrees, and the left and right can be adjusted about 360 degrees. When the window is defogging, you can unload the base and take the body to blow the fog directly.

Portable Car Heater

H846843 by MACHSWON

Portable Car Heater
  • ( Car Heater 12V Portable Defrost and Defog ) : It is designed to quickly clean the frost, even remove snow on your vehicle’s windshield, keeping your view in driving is clearly.
  • ( Fast Heating & Cooling ) : Heating the car within 30 seconds,the car fan heater is not only a windshield demister in winter, but also used as a fan to cool you in summer, let you enjoy the cool summer and the warmth of the winter.
  • ( Premium material Fully Protection ) : Made of quality ABS which is sturdy and heat-resistant, built-in fuse and safe and instant heating,no damage to the battery. And providing auto power off protection.The small size allows it to be installed in the car without blocking the line of sight.
  • ( 180-degree Rotation & Large Wind Outlet ) : 180-degree rotating holder designed for free adjustment as you like, the large outlet provides a large area of the air, which is Rapid heating or cooling, very efficient
  • ( Portable & Easy to Use ): Mini car heater, compact size makes this it uses very convenient. Just plug it in your car’s cigarette lighter. Press the fan or heater switch and the fan starts working.

Portable Car Heater


  • Dimensions: 7.9 x 5.9 x 3.9 inches
Portable Car Heater

Car Heater

n-6820 by Sheye

Car Heater
  • 💨【Electronic Auto Heater】 - The portable car heater were made of high quality materials and high quality pure copper cable. Suitable for all 12V 200W vehicles. Effectively keep the sight of the windshield clear and prevent fog or frost from blurring the line of sight.
  • 💨【Heating & Cooling】 - In just 5 seconds, the car defogger can quickly remove the windshield fog or frost from the car by heating the air. It can also be used as a car fan to cool in the summer. Let you enjoy the cool of summer and the warm of winter.
  • 💨【High Quality Design】 - Intelligent design, using cigarette lighter plug design, built-in fuse, power-off protection, anti-voltage, safer use, 180-degree rotating support, you can fix the heater in your favorite position. And adjust to your preferred angle.
  • 💨【1 Minute Quick Installation】 - Just remove it from the box and insert it into the 12V car cigarette holder to open it. With hot and cold switch, universal shaft adjustment and air outlets. The base can be installed with double-sided adhesive, which is convenient and comfortable to use.
  • 💨【Satisfactory Service Protection】 - 365 days product service, we are committed to providing you high quality products. If you have any questions, please feel free to sending us an email, we will respond to you as soon as possible. CLICK TO BUY NOW!

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