10 Best Bearings For Longboards

After analyzing products, scanning reviews, spending more than 36 hours of research and speaking with our test users, we think the Bones Reds Bearings for [Skateboards is the one of the Best Bearings For Longboard on the market.

# Image Name Brand Price
1 Bones Reds Bearings for [Skateboards, Longboards, Scooters, Spinners] (8 Pack (w/Dragon Spacers, Washers & Stoked Tool))
(Editor’s Choice)
Bones $$$$$ Check price
2 Heady Shake Pro Skateboard Bearings - Fastest Premium 608rs Titanium - Longboard, Skate Board, Kick Scooter, Inline and Roller Skates, 8-pack Heady Shake $$$$$ Check price
3 CJESLNA Abec 9 Precision 608 Bearings Skateboard Deck Longboard set of 8
(Best value for the money)
CJESLNA $$$$$ Check price
4 Zealous Bearings for Skateboards and Longboards (Steel) Zealous $$$$$ Check price
5 Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings, Pro Longboard Bearings, 608, ABEC 9, Black Mamba (Pack of 8) Yellow Jacket $$$$$ Check price
6 Longboard 180mm Trucks + 70mm Wheels + Bearings Combo SET (Transparent / Red / Black) Cal 7 $$$$$ Check price
7 Oldboy Premium Ceramic Bearings with indestructible balls for a faster, smoother ride on your longboard or skateboard Oldboy Longboards, LLC $$$$$ Check price
8 Oldboy Chrome Skateboard Bearings with tempered steel balls for skates and longboards Oldboy Longboards $$$$$ Check price
9 Obsidian High Speed Skate Oil/ Low-Viscosity Bearing Lubricant Tube Lube Bottle, For Skateboards, In-Line Skates, Electric Skateboards/Longboard or Fast Moving Bearing use (Made in the USA) (1 oz) Obsidian $$$$$ Check price
10 Radeckal Blue ABEC 7 Skateboard Bearings, Skateboards, Longboards, Cruisers, Inline Skates, Rollerblades, Roller Skates, Pre-Lubricated, High Precision Rating, Long Lasting (1 Set of 8) Radeckal $$$$$ Check price

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