10 Best Boogie Boards

After analyzing products, scanning reviews, spending more than 36 hours of research and speaking with our test users, we think the Lucky Bums Body Board with EPS Core is the one of the Best Boogie Board on the market.

# Image Name Brand Price
1 Lucky Bums Body Board with EPS Core, Slick Bottom, and Leash, Green - 41 Inches
(Editor’s Choice)
Lucky Bums $$$$$ Check price
2 Boogie Board Jot 8.5 LCD eWriter, Blue (J32220001)
(Best value for the money)
Boogie Board $$$$$ Check price
3 Boogie Board Scribble 'n Play Boogie Board $$$$$ Check price
4 Bo-Toys Body Board Lightweight with EPS Core (BLUE, 33-INCH) Bo-Toys $$$$$ Check price
5 Boogie Board 10.5 Inch LCD Writing Tablet (Black) Boogie Board $$$$$ Check price
6 Goplus 41 inch Super Bodyboard EPS Core, IXPE Deck, HDPE Slick Bottom, Light Weight Perfect Surfing (Blue White) Goplus $$$$$ Check price
7 Boogie Board 8.5-Inch LCD Writing Tablet,Pink (PT01085PNKA0002) Boogie Board $$$$$ Check price
8 Own the Wave 37'' Blue Bodyboard with Leash and Fin Tethers Own the Wave $$$$$ Check price
9 Boogie Board Blackboard Liquid Crystal paper 8.5x11" Boogie Board $$$$$ Check price
10 Boogie Board Jot 4.5 LCD eWriter, Gray (JF1020002) Boogie Board $$$$$ Check price

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