10 Best Bread Boxes 2020

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After analyzing 830 products, scanning 940 reviews, spending more than 36 hours of research and speaking with our test users, we think the Home-it Stainless Steel Bread Box for kitchen is the one of the Best Bread Box on the market.

# Image Name Brand Price
⭐Best Choice
Home-it Stainless Steel Bread Box for kitchen
Home-it Stainless Steel Bread Box for kitchen, bread bin, bread storage Bread holder 16.5x10x8 Check price Home-it $$$$$ Check price
Best under $50
Metal Bread Box
Metal Bread Box - Countertop Space-Saving, Extra Large, High Capacity Bread Storage Bin for your Kitchen - Holds 2+ Loaves - White with Bold BREAD Lettering Check price Claimed Corner $$$$$ Check price
💲Best value for the money
Natural Bamboo Roll Top Bread Box Kitchen Food Storage
Natural Bamboo Roll Top Bread Box Kitchen Food Storage - Assembly Required Check price RoyalHouse $$$$$ Check price
👑Premium Pick
Double Layer Bread Box for Kitchen Large Bamboo Capacity Food
Double Layer Bread Box for Kitchen Large Bamboo Capacity Food Storage Check price N/A $$$$$ Check price
5 Oggi Stainless Steel Roll Top Bread Box with Tempered Glass Oggi Stainless Steel Roll Top Bread Box with Tempered Glass Lid Check price Oggi $$$$$ Check price
6 ALhom Bread Box with Bamboo Cutting Board Lid & Bread ALhom Bread Box with Bamboo Cutting Board Lid & Bread Rack, Stainless Steel, 14.5x9x9 inches Check price ALhom $$$$$ Check price
7 Bread Box for Kitchen Bread Box for Kitchen, GA Homefavor Bread Bin, Bread Holder with Bamboo Lid, 11.56"6.7"5.5", Grey Check price G.a HOMEFAVOR $$$$$ Check price
8 Outshine Vintage Metal Bread Bin Outshine Vintage Metal Bread Bin - Countertop Space-Saving, Extra Large, High Capacity Bread Storage Box for your Kitchen - Holds 2+ Loaves 13" x 10" x 7"- White with BREAD Lettering Check price N/A $$$$$ Check price
9 Cookbook People Original Rolltop Bread Box Bamboo Storage Bin Cookbook People Original Rolltop Bread Box Bamboo Storage Bin Check price N/A $$$$$ Check price
10 Vintage Bread Box Vintage Bread Box, Metal with Bamboo Lid, Traditional Farmhouse Style - Large, Kitchen Counter Storage Bins for Fresh Loaves, Crackers - Rustic, Decorative Bread Containers and Boxes - GREY Check price N/A $$$$$ Check price

Home-it Stainless Steel Bread Box for kitchen – Best Overall Bread Box

Home-it Stainless Steel Bread Box for kitchen
  • Swing Down door opens and closes smoothly bread bins Cool, Dark Interior keeps bread and baked goods fresh.
  • Large capacity bread bin made of brushed stainless steel bread boxes.
  • Stainless steel sleek style makes an attractive addition to any kitchen counter and complements the rest of the stainless steel kitchenwares.
  • Dimensions of the bread box are 16.5.

Metal Bread Box – Best under $50

Metal Bread Box
  • MAXIMIZE LIMITED SPACE in your kitchen with the Claimed Corner Metal Bread Box. Free up limited cupboard space and keep your bread fresh, longer. Keep your counter tops clutter free and looking great with this perfectly sized breadbox.
  • FORM MEETS FUNCTION. Yes, this really cute bread box will look amazing with any kitchen décor, but it also performs perfectly when keeping your bread fresh and moist. Our bread box will maintain the perfect humidity levels by letting just enough air to pass through the lid, while trapping in enough moisture to keep your bread fresh for a LONG time.
  • GENEROUSLY SIZED bread box will hold two full loaves of bread with extra space to spare. Ideal for storing breads, pastries, cookies, donuts, chips, and so much more. This bread box will hold a lot, and it's the perfect size for any counter top display.
  • DURABLE ALL METAL CONSTRUCTION featuring a clean white powder-coating with big bold BREAD lettering. Built to last with thick solid metal, just like the vintage porcelain enamel bread boxes from years ago.
  • SIDE CARRYING HANDLES will make it easy to move your bread and baked goods around your kitchen and home.

Natural Bamboo Roll Top Bread Box Kitchen Food Storage – Best Budget Bread Box

Natural Bamboo Roll Top Bread Box Kitchen Food Storage
  • 100% BAMBOO: Bamboo wooden surface is tasteful and useful for all kitchen needs. Usually inexhaustible bamboo and remarkable nice shape configuration influence a strong Bread Storage , with an appealing warm shading, moderate appeal to your kitchen.
  • ATTRACTIVE DESIGN!: Big bread box made of unadulterated bamboo, wellbeing and eco-accommodating material, culminate bread box for kitchen, it will shield bread from getting crushed or snacked by your charming little nice kitten and keep bread and dry merchandise fresher for more.
  • SIZE: Approximate Dimensions (in inches): 15.12"x 11"x 6.8", holds 2 loaves easily enough for your daily use, Weight: 3.73 lb
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: It's more grounded and sturdier than wood, and ecologically well disposed. Bamboo has a one of a kind antibacterial scent safe quality which save its material for quite a long time.
  • STURDY AND STAIN: Safe and Simple Support - The characteristic bamboo material doesn't recolor and lose its quality from dishes, nourishment, cleansers, and water. You can protect your bamboo drying rack kitchen with oil to look decent and delightful on the ledge.

Double Layer Bread Box for Kitchen Large Bamboo Capacity Food – Premium Pick

Double Layer Bread Box for Kitchen Large Bamboo Capacity Food
  • KEEPS BREAD FRESH: Unlike airtight containers that dry out bread and cause it to go stale faster, our bread saver box retains just enough moisture to keep most bread fresh for up to 3 or 4 full days. A clear plexiglass window is built in so you can easily see everything inside. This keeps you updated on when you need to buy or bake more and stops you from allowing any unnecessary air to enter when you just want to check out your options.
  • LARGE CAPACITY: While other bread boxes can only hold 1 loaf of bread, our 2 layers 14.6" x 9.4" board is large enough to hold 2 large loaves of bread, rolls, muffins and more, which will avoid effectively deformation of bread caused by extrusion.
  • THE HIGH-FOOT AND DEEP-BACK DESIGN - The 0.8 inch high from countertop to the wood breadbox bottom and the 0.5 inch deep from wall to backboard which can make the bread boxes not touch the water surface and wall to promise bread fresh longer.
  • THE DOUBLE ARC EDGED BOTTOM- The slotted arc edged bottom on both sides allow your hands to grip the bread box container at ease to avoid slipping during the moving. Moving your bread box will become conveniently and safely.
  • STURDY, STYLISH, EASY ASSEMBLY: Store and display your bread and baked goods inside this kitchen countertop bread keeper made of strong bamboo wood; its farmhouse chic style will add to your home's rustic decor. Screw-driver included for easy assembly..
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Oggi Stainless Steel Roll Top Bread Box with Tempered Glass

Oggi Stainless Steel Roll Top Bread Box with Tempered Glass
  • Heavy duty stainless steel bread box with roll top
  • Tempered glass roll top
  • Stainless steel handle
  • Rubber feet protect countertops
  • Stores bread or a variety of dinner rolls, bagels, and muffins

ALhom Bread Box with Bamboo Cutting Board Lid & Bread

ALhom Bread Box with Bamboo Cutting Board Lid & Bread
  • ★Rust-proof & High Volume★ - Made of fingerprint proof finish matte steel, no rust no smudges. The bread bin design with modern simple trapezoid space, which measured of 14.5x9x9 inches (L x H x D), providing plenty of storage space up to 4+ loaves of breads, getting the bread in and out of the bread keeper easy.
  • ★Space-saving Kitchen Organizer★ - With the counter top design, easy for kitchen storage organization. And also be used for wall mounting attachment, a perfect solution for more space saving for kitchen. The flat top allows for additional storage organization such as canisters.
  • ★Save Food Save Money★ - With a lid loose enough to allow airflow, reducing condensation, which helps to guard against mildew and keep the bread and baked food extending freshness and locking in flavors. And also ideally protects bread from curious pets or insects, perfect for kitchen bulk food storage, such as homemade bread, biscuits, cupcakes, muffins, cakes and more. Less waste, save food save money.
  • ★The More We Care for★ - The Eco bamboo cutting board lid, complete with its fall front opening, means no other extra cutting board to slice. Comes equipped with a well-ventilated bread rack, ensure the breads avoid direct contact with metal and capable of restrain growth of tiny organisms.
  • ★100% Satisfied Guarantee★ - McKenney prides itself in providing the absolute best customer service in the industry. If for any reason of the bread bins is not for you, send 1 simple email and receive a 100% money-back refund within 180 days, absolutely no questions asked.

Bread Box for Kitchen

Bread Box for Kitchen
  • 🍞FREE TO BREATH AND KEEP BREAD FRESH - Bread need free breath to keep crust crisp. Some other breadbox has a tight seal to stop air ventilation which only increased the rate of moisture and make your bread soft and doughy quickly. Our bread box has a bamboo lid without tight seal, so the moisture from bread could flow out and keep the box inner bread fresh for a long time. Never need to worry your bread goes stale quickly!
  • 🍞SMART SLIDE HANDLES DESIGN MAKE YOU MORE CONFIDENT - This sturdy breadbox has two solid handles which made for carrying in case of dropping. Unlike other bread boxes without handles, you must carry the box and usually leave some sticky fingerprints or smudges easily. Choose our bread box, you will avoid embarrassing fingerprints!
  • 🍞PERFECT SIZE FOR YOUR BREAD AND KITCHEN COUNTER - This cute bread box's space is 12*6.7*5.5 inches which is enough for you to carry kinds of Sandwish and Muffin (1 loaf of bread). It is perfect for your space-limited kitchen counter. Some other big bread bin only blindly pursue the huge space to hold loafs of bread but neglect the space of yourself kitchen counter. So you never need a big box, you need an appropriate box!
  • 🍞THE BAMBOO LID NOT ONLY A BAMBOO LID - The bamboo lid is not only a lid to ensure the air circulation and keep bread fresh, but also could be as a cutting board which you can slice your bread on it and never need to worry the bread crumbs scattered your table. Because after your slicing, put the lid back to the box top and the crumbs also back to your box!
  • 🍞BUILT TO LAST AND IDEAL FOR A GIFT - Our bread box is made of durable powder-coated steel that is anti-rust and never dent. Choose our cute bread box as a gift is your best choice!

Outshine Vintage Metal Bread Bin

Outshine Vintage Metal Bread Bin
  • ☀ FDA CERTIFIED FOOD SAFE: Our powder coated enamel metal bread bin has been FDA tested and certified for food safety.
  • ☀ HAND PAINTED VINTAGE RUSTIC FARMHOUSE DESIGN: Our rustic farmhouse bread box is finished in a vintage white enamelware with the word "Bread" in a pretty font. The top and bottom rim of the bin and lid are hand painted to bring the whole design together and truly create a unique, imperfect, and modern take on this favorite. Each unit is crafted and painted by hand, no two will look alike.
  • ☀END CLUTTER & MAXIMIZE SPACE WITH CUTE FARMHOUSE KITCHEN DECOR: This extra-large space saving bread bin will hold 2+ loaves of average size bread and is tall enough that they won't get squished. Just want a place to keep your chips and treats without your furry friends getting to it first? This is great for storing your snacks, too! This bread bin measures 10" tall (11.5" to top of handle) x 13" long (14.75" from handle to handle) x 7" deep.
  • ☀GREAT GIFT IDEA: Housewarming or birthday, Mother's Day, wedding, bridal shower, anniversary or anything in between, this beautiful white bread box makes an unforgettable gift!
  • ☀MATCHING FARMHOUSE KITCHEN SET: Pair with our new matching utensil crock and salt and pepper shaker set for the perfect vintage modern kitchen storage set!

Cookbook People Original Rolltop Bread Box Bamboo Storage Bin

Cookbook People Original Rolltop Bread Box Bamboo Storage Bin
  • BLANK TOP: This version does not include any printing on the top. It's the same as our popular Classic Filigree but without the printing of "BREADS" on top. We also offer personally engraved versions of this product like our Family Seal design.
  • ROCK SOLID: Tested to hold 30lbs of weight and still function perfectly. In trials we've had a 130lb person stand on it. 100% solid bamboo wood--no particle board or composites. DURABLE: We designed & built the sturdiest, longest-lasting breadbox possible. We ship it in a double-wall cardboard box (in addition to the Amazon box) for added protection
  • SLIDING LID: Lid may not slide easily for 7% of users. This is due to bamboo expanding in your climate. Rub a birthday candle (not included) along groove to easily resolve.
  • LARGE STORAGE: Lid opens inside to back wall, maximizing storage inside bread box. Large 16x7in top offers more storage space.
  • 100% GUARANTEED: If not satisfied, send it back for a full refund.

Vintage Bread Box

Vintage Bread Box
  • PROLONG SHELF-LIFE AND FRESHNESS: Our storage box for bread and crackers provides the perfect climate for starches to maintain their texture, taste, and longevity. Designed to provide the perfect amount of airflow to keep bread from drying out, you can minimize cost and waste by maximizing shelf-life.
  • CHARMING, FARMHOUSE DESIGN: The Kitchen Earth bread bins pay homage to the 1950's - each featuring earthy colors with vintage logos that create quaint, adorable, and stylish aesthetics for your home and countertops. These storage containers elevate the beauty of any room without overwhelming the look or feel of the interior decorations.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY, SAFE MATERIALS: It is our mission at Kitchen Earth to provide safe, healthy, eco-conscious kitchen and dining accessories to protect your family from harmful materials and to diminish waste and landfill. These storage sets are plastic-free and BPA-free and the lids are comprised of self-sustaining, natural bamboo that can also be utilized as a cutting and chopping board.
  • LARGE CAPACITY: Our bread holders can accommodate 2 loaves of bread or can be used to store a variety of other dry foods including crackers, biscuits, bread rolls, bagels, and muffins. They also work great for organizing and holding tea and coffee supplies, spices, or baking products.
  • MULTI-USE FUNCTIONALITY: The cute, traditional design of our bread boxes lend themselves to sweet, decorative touches for birthdays, weddings, parties, banquets, and barbecues. Brandishing unassuming, earth-tone colors, these bread holders can also be utilized in commercial spaces - from offices to lounges, restaurants, delis, bakeries, and coffee shops.

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