10 Best Driveway Gravels 2021

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Southwest Boulder & Stone Landscape Rock and Pebble | 20 – Best Overall Driveway Gravel

Southwest Boulder & Stone Landscape Rock and Pebble | 20
  • Landscaping rock and stone is the perfect addition to any landscape, garden, potted plants, and more!
  • Improve the overall look of your project with natural stone - Safe to use in any application, 100% natural, no additives.
  • Gravel is inexpensive and easy to install
  • Protect your garden and potted plants – Adding pebble or rock as your groundcover will help regulate soil temperature and retain moisture.
  • Thousands of uses, from potted plant drainage rock to a dry river bed landscape, your options are truly endless.

ArmorLay Commercial Grade Driveway Fabric

ArmorLay Commercial Grade Driveway Fabric
  • ArmorLays driveway fabric is a permeable textile that increases stability, provides erosion control, and aids in the stabilization of the substrate under your driveways, temporary entrances, patios, animal stables, watering troughs.
  • Our fabric is the perfect underlayment option, whether you’re working on construction entrances, soil separation, sidewalk stabilization, stone pavers, rock, or riprap .
  • Each roll offers superior stability while preventing ruts and potholes from forming as the years go by.
  • Easily installed and held in place with Weed Armor 6” Landscape Pins. (not included)

Southwest Boulder & Stone Landscape Decomposed Granite | 20 Pounds – Best Budget Driveway Gravel

Southwest Boulder & Stone Landscape Decomposed Granite | 20 Pounds
  • EXTREMELY VERSATILE. Decomposed granite can be used in a variety of projects, such as paths, driveways, patios, and many more projects.
  • ATTRACTIVE DESIGN. The variety of colors available make crusher fines the perfect complement to your home or garden.
  • INEXPENSIVE AND EASY TO INSTALL. Compared to other landscape rock or mulch, decomposed granite provides the most bang for your buck!
  • ALL-NATURAL MULCH MATERIAL AND WON'T ATTRACT PESTS. Pathway fines is 100% natural and won’t attract pests that like to feed on wood mulches.
  • PROVIDES EXCELLENT DRAINAGE WHILE PROTECTING. Decomposed granite is permeable, so water doesn’t pool on top and cause problems.

TRUEGRID PRO Plus (1.8" Depth) Permeable Pavers

TRUEGRID PRO Plus (1.8" Depth) Permeable Pavers
  • HEAVY DUTY: Truegrid permeable pavers can handle over 1,000,000 pounds of compression strength per square foot
  • MADE FROM RECYCLED MATERIALS: Our paver grids are made from 100% post consumer recycled HDPE
  • ALL WEATHER: TRUEGRID pavers work in all climates with different types of soil
  • BEST USES: The Pro Plus is best for parking lots, equipment and truck yards, storage lots, drive lanes, roadways, fire lanes, erosion control, RV pads, event centers, sports venues, and much more!
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: Our patened permeable pavers require little to no maintenance! No more mud, ruts, puddles, or pot holes. Can be saw cut for a custom fit

DuPont DPGG-50110 8.5-Ounce Groundgrid

DuPont DPGG-50110 8.5-Ounce Groundgrid
  • Flexible material for terrain conformity
  • Each grid covers 10 square meters
  • Can be cut to size
  • DuPont GroundGrid ground stabilization system is a geotextile grid used for ground stabilization in landscape and construction projects.

Pyle Portable Vehicle Traffic Speed Bump

Pyle Portable Vehicle Traffic Speed Bump
  • UNIVERSAL PLACEMENT: The Pyle Vehicle Speed Bumps for driveway are designed to temporarily control traffic flow. Unlike concrete bumps, it can be deployed and retrieved in seconds. It is designed to easily conform to virtually any road surface
  • 9. 8 FEET LENGTH: Its total unrolled size measures 9. 8 foot length by 9-inch width by 2-inch height perfect for single lane placement. Hump efficiently controls vehicle speeds and eliminates maintenance problems associated w/ permanent speed bumps
  • PORTABLE DESIGN: These speed humps for roads feature hassle-free, portable and quick deployment design and includes storage / carry bag for easy relocation and offers convenient means of transport and storage. Also features weather resistant design
  • HEAVY DUTY: The long ramp car traffic guard features durable and reliable construction from high quality reinforced polypropylene in bright yellow for increased visibility. It is backed w/ rubber matting, keeping the speed bump securely in place
  • WIDE APPLICATION: The portable safety speed bumps for concrete can also be used on asphalt, gravel and uneven surfaces. Used for car, truck, bus, trailer and more. Ideal for streets, driveway, commercial parking lots or shopping mall

Vuba Easihold Resin Gravel Binder (5 Litre Jerry)

Vuba Easihold Resin Gravel Binder (5 Litre Jerry)
  • HOLDS AND FIXES LOOSE STONES - New or Existing, Easihold will hold together 5-10mm stones when applied and left to dry for 48 hours in good weather conditions (15°+).
  • POUR, SPRAY, HAND MIX - Easihold can be poured using a Watering Can, Sprayed using a Hand Sprayer or Hand Mixed with Stones.
  • PROTECTS STONES - Easihold coats and protects stones, but does not create a gloss / changed appearance.
  • MANUFACTURED IN YORKSHIRE, UK - We Manufacture Easihold in Yorkshire, and we take great pride in our Patented Product!
  • WANT TO GUARANTEE GOOD RESULTS? Leave to dry for 5 days in good conditions, do not oversaturate (it is air drying) and use 5-10mm clean stones. Problems are only ever a result of not following these guidelines!

Geocell 3" BaseCore Ground Grid Xtra Strength Stabilizer | Perfect – Premium Pick

Geocell 3" BaseCore Ground Grid Xtra Strength Stabilizer | Perfect
  • ✔️ HIGH DENSE POLYETHYLENE: BaseCore is made of an extremely thick-gauge high-density polyethylene (HDPE), giving it excellent resistance and stability to all common elements found in soils as well as protection against ultraviolet degradation.
  • ✔️ STRONG & DURABLE: The BaseCore geocell features a very high tensile strength to withstand large amounts of lateral force and is effective in all climates. It is engineered to support the use of military equipment, semi-trucks, heavy foot traffic, and, of course, your horses.
  • ✔️ SAVES MONEY & TIME: BaseCore saves your time and money. It reduces the amount of fill that is needed to form a strong base thereby reducing the amount of manpower needed to spread it. Additionally, the excavation depth using geo-cells is ⅓ of what it would be using other materials, like gravel.
  • ✔️ PROTECTS BASE: For areas where you experience poor or unstable soil, BaseCore eliminates further erosion and allows for immediate foot, horse, or vehicle traffic mobility. BaseCore strengthens and protects the foundation of your arena. Allow BaseCore to do the work, while you enjoy the ride.
  • ✔️ EASY INSTALLATION: BaseCore is designed to be installed easily without the need for heavy equipment. The flat packages easily expand to a sturdy 6' 4" x 8' section that will secure to adjoining panels.

Techno Earth ( 1.9" Depth ) Permeable Grass Pavers for

Techno Earth ( 1.9" Depth ) Permeable Grass Pavers for
  • Strong permeable pavers are structured with 19.7 in. x 19.7 in.x 1.9 in. height (500x500x48 mm), cover 11 sf.(1 sm)
  • Applicable to residential and commercial areas where you have vehicle, pedestrian and bike traffic
  • Can be filled with gravel, seeded or sodded with grass or just laid to protect yard and prevent rutting and mud
  • Robust compression strength equal to concrete, while having natural, paving strong enough for cars and trucks, durable under 200 ton/sqm.
  • Environment-friendly, better than concrete or blacktop, 100% permeable, help reduce flooding and runoff, and keep water away from your front door

Midwest Hearth Natural Decorative Gray Bean Pebbles 1/5" Size (5-lb

Midwest Hearth Natural Decorative Gray Bean Pebbles 1/5" Size (5-lb
  • MULTIPLE USES: Fairy gardens, flower arrangements, succulent containers, and potted plants
  • TINY BEAN SIZE: 1/5" average size is perfect for small applications
  • MATTE SURFACE: Pebbles feature a unique matte finish for a great low-gloss look.
  • GRAY MIX COLOR: Each bag contains a wide variety of natural shapes and a beautiful blend of different shades of grey.
  • ECO FRIENDLY: Only natural stones, no additional fillers, dyes, or oils

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