10 Best Face Painting Kits 2021

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Face Paint Kit for Kids – ⭐ Best Overall Face Painting Kit

ZenovikaKit by Zenovika

  • Color: 15 Face Paint Kit + Face Paint Book
  • Weight: 0.49 pounds
Face Paint Kit for Kids
  • All you Need for a Perfect Face Paint Makeup - Zenovika face paint kit was special designed for kids and adults and includes the best 15 bright and vibrant large colors with very good coverage, 60 reusable stencils, 3 brushes, 2 glitter powders (gold and silver), 2 sponges, 2 chalk hair colors (orange and green) and a facepaint book with over 30 step by step instructions.
  • Safe and Gentle for Sensitive Skin, our face paint set use water activated face paint colors and are suitable for every kid or adult with sensitive skin. We are using only cosmetic grade makeup ingredients which are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and fragrance-free.
  • Easy To Use & Apply - Our face paints colors are water activated and works the same way as watercolor paints. Add a few drops of water to the desired color to make the surface soft and pasty than use the brush or sponge (for larger areas) to apply it smoothly on the skin. The colors dry pretty fast and are easy to remove with soapy warm water or baby wipes.
  • Have a Blast Birthday Party - The kids will enjoy having their faces painted and will be a hit at every event: birthday parties, carnivals, school events, Halloween makeup party, festivals, prime sports, theatre play, theme costume makeup parties, or cosplay character! With this face paint kit, you can create very fun designs even you are not a professional face painter with our detailed instructions with images guide.
  • If you’re looking for a Unique & Fun Gift for your kids and friends, the Zenovika professional body paint and face paint kit is a great gift and kids will love & enjoy using it. Don’t miss the opportunity to have fun and create sweet memories at your next party. The kids will love it and it will be a huge hit.

Face Paint Kit for Kids

US Ultimate Party Paren by Blue Squid

  • Color: 22 Face Paint Kit + Face Paint Book
  • Weight: 0.42 pounds
  • Dimensions: 7.1 x 1.2 x 11 inches
Face Paint Kit for Kids
  • Largest kit on Amazon: Blue Squid’s Latest Ultimate Party Pack is packed with EVERYTHING you need to create awesome facepainting fun with your kids. Now includes 22 vivid washable facepaints colors (with larger black & white), 24 reusable face paint stencils, 100 gem sheet, 2 hair chalk pens, 2 body glitter, 3 professional face paint brushes, 6 porous makeup kit sponges (2 dabbers), 16 step by step faces design booklet, rainbow split cake. Absolutely everything you need!!
  • Perfect for sensitive skin: Your Blue Squid water activated, kids safe face painting kit is a superior cosmetic grade make up: hypoallergenic, paraben-free, vegan, natural organic and EU & US compliant which makes it ideal for toddlers with sensitive skin.
  • Easy to use smooth bright colors: Introducing our new improved brighter face paints it's like painting with a rainbow! A lot of kids facepaint is runny, messy and hard to work with but not Blue Squid. Our face paint & face glitter goes on smooth and has excellent coverage. Because it dries fast it won't make a mess! You'll also get access to our online kids face painting guide with step-by-step videos showing super cool designs that will have you painting like a pro!
  • Creating fun with your kids: Blue Squid face paint & body paint set is completely water based so cleaning up is a cinch. Simply wipe away your creation with a wet wipe or soapy washcloth. Ideal for school, church, festivals, carnivals, children's birthday parties, cosplay, prime sports, college football events, theatre performances, toddler role play, clown costume for kids or adults & Christmas and not to forget Halloween!
  • Money back guarantee: We're so confident you & your kids will love your Blue Squid Face Paint Ultimate Party Pack we happily offer it with a No-Risk 100% Satisfaction LIFETIME Money-Back Guarantee. Order today risk free!

Face Painting Kit for Kids

4336854051 by Create A Face

  • Color: Black Box1
  • Weight: 0.24 pounds
  • Dimensions: 7.8 x 0.6 x 6.1 inches
Face Painting Kit for Kids
  • ★ PLEASE CHOOSE "Ship in Amazon packaging" at checkout for the best buying experience. OUR FACE PAINT MAKEUP PALETTE COMES with 8 VIVID colors that blend very easily with each other our 36 BEST-SELLING FACE PAINT STENCILS so you & your kids can create easy, yet super fun looks FOR BOYS & GIRLS. Great for BIRTHDAYS, HOLIDAYS, SPECIAL EVENTS, COSPLAY makeup, HALLOWEEN makeup, BABY SHOWER GAMES, or just when you need a FUN, SIMPLE ACTIVITY AT HOME
  • OUR WATER-BASED PAINT kit for kids is AS EASY TO TAKE OFF AS IT IS TO APPLY! Add just a TOUCH OF WATER to make your face painting PAINTS COME TO LIFE. Then simply use SOAP & WARM WATER TO REMOVE our washable paint. No need for vigorous scrubbing or harsh cleansers, making our paints GREAT FOR YOUNG KIDS or for quickly changing looks. This COSMETIC GRADE kids face paint is HYPOALLERGENIC, PARABEN-FREE, & NON-TOXIC, making our paint washable for kids PERFECT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN.
  • DRIES FAST AND STAYS ON FOR HOURS: Why wait 5 minutes when your kids can start having fun within 60 seconds? Our paint dries very quickly and the child can begin having fun immediately. Our face paint can be removed quickly and easily with a damp cloth, baby wipes... or in extreme cases with make up remover. Our facepainting kit for kids & stencil designs are perfect for Halloween, Christmas, sports fans, & more.
  • ★ BONUS FACE PAINTS DESIGN STENCILS, EBOOK AND TUTORIAL VIDEOS! Our face painting kit for kids comes with free face paint palette eBook AND VIDEOS and several FUN DESIGNS LAID OUT STEP-BY-STEP! It has ALL THE BASICS YOU NEED to start making awesome designs. Whether a beginner, a face paint professional, or a kid with face painting dreams, making fun designs is simple with our face painting kit body paints for adults & kids. Or if you’re feeling creative, make your own designs!
  • AT CREATE A FACE, WE KNOW HAVING SAFE, FUN ACTIVITIES for your kids is ESSENTIAL FOR A HAPPY HOME! That’s why we created our paint kits to KEEP YOUR KIDDOS (AND YOU!) HAPPY, ENTERTAINED, expressing their creativity—and giving you that much needed break! Yours & your family’s SATISFACTION IS OUR #1 PRIORITY. If for any reason you don’t absolutely love your face painting kits for kids non toxic set, we’ll make it right.

Face Paint Crayons for Kids – 💲 Best Budget Face Painting Kit

30CrayonParent by Blue Squid

  • Weight: 0.22 pounds
  • Dimensions: 7.3 x 5.3 x 0.7 inches
Face Paint Crayons for Kids
  • 36 Longer color sticks - At 83mm long our face & body paint crayons are longer than any others on the market (most are only 65mm!!) You'll marvel at the BRIGHT colors in your Blue Squid Professional Face and Body Paint Crayons - it's like painting with a rainbow! With enough face makeup to be used for 100+ faces they are beautifully supplied in a STURDY reusable carry case.
  • Safe for sensetive skin - Your facepaints makeup sticks are safe professional superior cosmetic grade make up; hypoallergenic, and US compliant which makes it ideal for toddlers with sensitive skin. As with all cosmetics we advise that a small skin patch test is done before applying as everyone's skin is different. Clean up is as quick and easy as wiping the face paint off with makeup remover or soapy washcloth.
  • Easy to use - Ideal for many uses including school, church, fetes, festivals, carnivals, birthday parties, cosplay, costume, fx, army camouflage, military, belly pregnancy, sports, theatre performances, role play, make up, unicorn or any fictitious superhero type character & Halloween!
  • Have fun with your kids - You don't have to be an artist or pro face painter to give your children hours of creative fun with our face painting kits. As a Blue Squid customer, you'll get instant access to an exciting free bonus: an online kids facepainting ideas guide with step-by-step videos that show you how to whip up fantastic face paint designs!
  • 100% Risk free purchase -We're so confident about the quality of our face paints that if you have any issues, we're very happy to either provide a no-questions-asked Refund or Replacement. Order today risk free while stocks last!

Face Painting Kits for Kids Body Paints for Adults 15


  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 4.3 x 0.6 inches
Face Painting Kits for Kids Body Paints for Adults 15
  • 【A Complete Face Painting Kits】ETEREAUTY face painting kit is specially designed for children and adults. It includes 15 bright and vibrant colors, 4 high-quality brushes, 4 self-adhesive stickers and 2 rhinestone stickers. In the course of use, you will find that two different colors can merge into a new color.The perfect tool allows you to freely create your own ideal work on your face.
  • 【Safe & Non-toxic】ETEREAUTY face painting kits for kids are a professional cosmetic, safe and gentle. We only use non-toxic, hypoallergenic cosmetic-grade cosmetic ingredients, and use water-activated topcoat materials, which are suitable for all sensitive skin elderly and children.You can use it for your children without worrying about the safety issues.
  • 【Easy to Use and Wash】The color of our topcoat is water activated, which works on the same principle as watercolor paint. During use, add a few drops of water to the desired color to make the surface soft and viscous. It can be easily applied to the skin with a brush. Easy to dry, just wipe it off with soapy water or wet wipes. Don't worry about using face painting kits for Kids, they won’t stain your clothes anymore.
  • 【Suitable for Different Occasions】The face painting kit has a wide range of uses. It can be used in birthday parties, carnivals, school events, Halloween makeup parties, festivals, dramas, theme costume makeup parties or cosplay events. With this face painting kit, you can use it in every event. Even if you are not a professional face painter, you can create very interesting designs.
  • 【Good Gift】ETEREAUTY face painting kits for kids are great gift. As a unique and interesting gift, you can give it to your children and friends on Halloween. Everyone will love it. It will leave you with better memories at the party. We are very confident in the quality of our face paint kit, if you have any questions, please contact us, we are very happy to provide a no-question refund or replacement.

Maydear Face Paint Kit for Kids with 20 Colors Safe – 👑 Premium Pick

ES20200602 by Maydear

Maydear Face Paint Kit for Kids with 20 Colors Safe
  • 💛SAFE – No skin burn, rashes orallergies, paraben-free, non-toxic, and superior cosmetic grade hypoallergenic, making it perfect for children and Adults.
  • 💙CONVENIENT – All paints are water based making it easy to remove as wiping the face paint off with soapy washing cloth.
  • PROFESSIONAL & EASY USE– Perform professionally for painting theatrical quality face & body with 20 water based face fainting colors+3 glitters,41- stencils,3 brushes,2 sponges, 2 hair dye clips,1 diamond sticker, 1 bronzing sticker and 1 rainbow split cake.
  • 💛VERSATILE – High quality and safety make it ideal for various activities and celebrations, such as Birthday Parties, Theatre Performances, Carnivals and Halloween. Enjoy your time!
  • 🧡MONEY-BACK – Your complete satisfaction is our highest priority. We solemnly promise a lifetime free refund. Order Maydear Face Paint today risk free!

Miserwe Face Paint Kit-18 Colors

MIS-paint by Miserwe

Miserwe Face Paint Kit-18 Colors
  • [Safe & Non-toxic]We are committed to providing safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly pigments to those who love body painting, so that you can better showcase your wonderful ideas.All of our ingredients were tested and are compliant.The most importantly: there’s no need to worry about the paint causing allergic reactions or creating eczema flare-ups. Nevertheless we highly recommend you to test the face paint on a small area before applying as everyone's skin is different.
  • [Quick drying and easy to clean] You only need one or two drops of water to soften the surface f the solid pigment. Pick the color you want, combine it with more possibilities, and release your creativity. The pigment is easy to dry and can keep it a long time ,it bring more fun to everyone!To remove the topcoat, just use soap and water; if that doesn't work, try using a wipe or baby wipe. Make-up remover is only used in extreme cases.
  • [ A complete face painting kit!] You'll marvel at the colors in your Miserwe Face Painting Kit - it's like painting with a rainbow! You'll also receive 40 Stencils; 4 Brushes,4 Sponge,1 Silver Sticker,2 Glitter Powder ;Different colors are suitable for different painting needs,all for one value-packed price!
  • [Use at party & good gift]Children like to paint on their faces, and every event will be welcomed: birthday party, carnival, school activities, Halloween makeup party, theme costume makeup party, role playing. A lot of uses, suitable for a variety of activities; of course, as a holiday gift is a very good decision. It will definitely bring endless fun to your children.
  • [Smooth application] For professional results every time,this kit will ensure you always look party-ready.

Face Paint Kit

Artipartyn12 by Artiparty

  • Color: Silver
  • Dimensions: 4.7 x 1 x 9.2 inches
Face Paint Kit
  • Facepaint like a pro using our theatrical quality water-based body and face paint kit
  • Dermatologically tested, Non-toxic, Paraben Free & Hypoallergenic - prevent skin burns, rashes & other allergies, and be confident about ease of removal – your sensitive skin deserves the best
  • Face painting with a natural appearance that doesn’t feel like cheap stickers pasted on your face
  • Professional face paint kit for festivals, carnivals, birthday parties, SFX makeup, theatre performances, prime sports events and not to forget Halloween makeup which can be a lot more fun with this! Use it as a cosplay makeup & transform your boys and girls into pieces of art for role play or just for fun – a superhero or any fictitious character
  • 10 appealing paints that look great on any skin, 1 silver glitter, 1 gold glitter, and 3 brushes

Face Paint Kit for Kids


Face Paint Kit for Kids
  • AMAZING CREATIVE KIT - Our kit includes most of face paint accessories, 4 large stencils, 36 small stencils, 2 crayons, 2 glitters, 2 chalk hair colors, 2 brushes and 2 sponges, that helps you paint most creative face paint.
  • 4 LARGE STENCILS - Based on these 4 new face paint guide stencil set you can simply have a wonderful and shining face painting in mins with little effort, it's more easier to have fun for kids.
  • SAFE TO SENSITIVE SKIN - Our face paint is non-toxic and FDA-compliant, all has been laboratory-tested. We advise that a small skin patch test is needed before applying as the skin difference between people.
  • CLEANING UP IS A BREEZE - Water based face paint means you can simply wash the paint away with water and soap without effort, but for best results use makeup remover to prevent residues.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Your satisfaction is what we persuit. If you are not satisfied with our product, please contact seller, you can get a full refund and we will make this right.

UCANBE Athena Face Body Paint Oil Palette


  • Color: Red, blue,green,pink,black,white
  • Dimensions: 8.3 x 3.3 x 0.8 inches
UCANBE Athena Face Body Paint Oil Palette
  • A Face Body Paint palette refilled 20 creamy intensive pigmented colors in a convenient and sturdy plastic case that applies easily with sponge or brush. It can be used on the face and body.
  • Tattoo Face Body Paint is made of high quality ingredients to be easy blended, comfortable on the skin while being vibrant. It remain flexible to resist cracking while drying quickly to a smudge-proof and durable finish but minimal rub-off.
  • 20 flash Aqua colors is suitable for creating many different looks. It included bossy gold and silver, pink,purple,red,yellow, blue,green,brown of all basic (plus extra black and white). It meet the needs of different occasions. The colors can be easily shaded together to obtain a wide variety of effects for artistic makeup or special effects coloring.
  • Non-toxic oil-based painting palette, the formula is moist, semi-soft, safe and gentle on skin. Richer color-saturated coverage than ordinary makeup, easy to wear and easy to wash off with olive oil or professional waterproof makeup remover.
  • Professional face paint for festivals, carnivals, birthday, campfire or theme parties, SFX makeup,stage performances, not to forget fun halloween and other occasions! Easily create crown, costume, bruise, blood, cosplay looks. Friendly materials are safe for both popular kid and adult.

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