10 Best Lux Meters 2021

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Dr.Meter 1330B-V Digital Illuminance/Light Meter – ⭐ Best Overall Lux Meter

1330B-V by Dr.meter

  • Color: 1330B Light Meter
  • Weight: 1 pounds
  • Dimensions: 4 x 1 x 8 inches
Dr.Meter 1330B-V Digital Illuminance/Light Meter
  • ▶【4-Range Settings】: This high-quality digital illuminance/light meter has 4-range settings, 0/200/2,000/20,000/200,000 Lux, for a dynamic metering ability.
  • ▶【High Accuracy】: With auto zeroing capabilities, you can be sure you'll always get a reading with pinpoint accuracy, and it will always be fast!
  • ▶【EZ-Read Display】: Clearly readable info lets you read Units and Signs easily, and stay informed with the over-range indicator.
  • ▶【Convenient Switches】: Get better control over your readings with Data Hold & Peak Data hold for when you're recording information. You'll also benefit from its lower power consumption and short rise and fall times.
  • ▶【Bring Anywhere】: From squeezing into tight places to keeping your load light, you can bring the Dr.Meter Digital Illuminance/light meter wherever you need to. Fits easily into a work bag or large pocket and barely adds any weight. It's the ultimate in light-metering convenience!

Dr.meter LX1010B Digital Illuminance/Light Meter

LX1010B by Dr.meter

  • Color: 1010B
  • Dimensions: 4.6 x 2.7 x 1.1 inches
Dr.meter LX1010B Digital Illuminance/Light Meter
  • ▶【Easy-Read LCD】: Whether you're in a bright sunny field or in a tight space, you can always read the Dr.meter Digital Illuminance/Light meter thanks to the large 18mmLCD display with 3-1/2 digits of info.
  • ▶【Large Range】: Whatever you're measuring, you can be sure that this light meter will capture it, as it has a wide range of 0 - 1000,000 Lux for any scenario.
  • ▶【Accuracy】: Get the right reading every time. You can rely on this digital illuminance meter to always read within a +/-5% range.
  • ▶【Quick Reading】: With a speedy sampling rate of 0.4 seconds, you'll never be stuck waiting for your reading to come through.
  • ▶【Long Battery Life】: Powered by a 9V battery, this unit has low energy requirements and will last you for a long time out in the field without needing a change.

Cheffort Digital Lux Meter

AS803 by Cheffort

  • Weight: 0.19 pounds
  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 2 x 1.1 inches
Cheffort Digital Lux Meter
  • BETTER ACCURACY: This light meter is a kind of instrument that specializes in measuring luminosity and brightness. The product is equipped with imported silicon diode photosensitive components, which can accurately measure the light and brightness accurately, reduce the error, and make the illuminometer measure steady and reliable. Measuring range is 0-200,000 lux, measurement accuracy ±4%.
  • POWERFUL FUNCTION: MAX / MIN data hold function, MAX MIN data can be saved during the measurement process, so that it would help user to record data easily. Low battery indicator function: It can help you charge in time to avoid accidents. Automatic power off function: It can help you save energy. 1S measurement response time: Accurate data can be obtained quickly.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: The lux meter have a 180° rotation sensor, which is convenient for users to adjust. It also has soft function keys for a comfortable pressing experience. The outer casing is made of high-density polyethylene, which is non-slip and anti-drop.
  • LED DISPLAY: This light tester has a large LED backlight screen that allows users to easily cope with harsh environments such as darkness, making it easy to read and free users from time and place constraints.
  • WIDELY APPLICABLE: Widely used in agricultural research and lighting control in homes, office buildings, warehouses, production lies, plantations, aquaculture, stage, stadiums, etc.

Light Meter Digital Illuminance Meter Measure Light 0~200

888GJ0069-00B**59852e4 by Wrea

Light Meter Digital Illuminance Meter Measure Light 0~200
  • ✔【HIGH ACCURACY AND MEASURE RANGE】measure range 0~ 200,000 Lux/0 ~ 18500 Fc;High Accuracy:±3% rdg±0.5% f.s (<10,000 Lux); ±4% rdg ±10dgt (>10,000 Lux);Fast Measurement Speed:2 times/second;with these features,the light meter can ensure you a more accurate measurement application.Unlike a built-in lux meter,our handheld meter doesn’t receive any deception by extreme contrast or side lighting.it is also well known for not taking any transillumination into account when providing you with a reading.
  • ✔【LARGE BACKLIGHT LCD DISPLAY&AUTO/MANUAL SHUTDOWN】the LCD Backlight display with Battery,Max,Min,reading hold,power off timing,difference,multiplication,Fc/Lux Unit Normal indication;MAX /MIN/reading hold function,Low power detection,so that you can change the power-off battery timely; the illuminance meter will Auto Power Off After approx 5 minutes if there is no any further key operation,WHICH CAN HELP to save battery life and save your money.
  • ✔【PHOTO DETECTOR&LUMINS FOR DIFFERENT PLACES】The light sensor of our luxmeter contains a long life silicon photo diode that measures light intensity up to 20,000Lux.In public places such as shopping malls (shops) illumination hygiene standard≥100Lx;libraries,museums,art galleries,exhibition countertops sanitary standards illumination≥100Lx;public bathroom illumination health standards≥50Lx; bathroom (shower, pool, bath)≥30Lx, saunas≥30Lx.office clerical work area is 300Lx.
  • ✔【LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT DESIGN】hand-held design and small size make the lightmeter Lightweight, it is easy for you to carry the lux light meter; compact and ergonomics design makes the light measurement fits hand perfectly, providing a comfortable grip feeling.the lumen meter is stowable when you're on the go. Keep one handy whenever you need to take a quick light measurement. digital lux meter lux level meter illumination meter lux test digital illuminance meter.4
  • ✔【OPERATE ANYWHERE&ILLUMINATION STANDRADS】Whether it's bright or dark out,YOU CAN switch the foot candle meter’s backlight ON OFF according to different environmental lighting conditions for easier reading.typing drawing work for 750Lx;the production line of sight job require 1000Lx;hotels public rooms for 200Lx;reception place cashier counters is 200Lx;shop windows is 1500-2000Lx;hospital wards is 150-200Lx,emergency treatment area is 500Lx;classrooms is 400-700Lx;cafeteria indoor gym is 300Lx.

Leaton Digital Luxmeter/Digital Illuminance Light Meter lux meter with LCD – 💲 Best Budget Lux Meter

4331906504 by Leaton

  • Color: Gray
Leaton Digital Luxmeter/Digital Illuminance Light Meter lux meter with LCD
  • The digital light meter will allow you to measure the lighting in an area
  • The digital light meter uses a 9V battery(not included); Accurate up to 200,000Lux +/- 5%
  • Resolution: 0.1Lux / 0.01Fc , Accuracy:±4%,Measurement speed: 2 times / second,Units: Lux & Fc
  • Hold function, Auto range & Manual range,Auto Power OFF: After approx.15 minutes
  • Low power of battery detecting,Operating Environment: 14 to 122℉(-10 to 50℃), 10%~90%RH

Light meter AP-881E light meter for plants Illuminance meter Lux


  • Color: AP-881E(0.01~300,000 Lux)
Light meter AP-881E light meter for plants Illuminance meter Lux
  • ✅【Excellent Function your light digital meter equip】Measure range from 1 to 300,000Lux,accuracy≤10,000Lux: ±4%rdg±0.5%f.s,≥10,000Lux:±5%+10digits(Calibrated to standard incandescent lamp at color temperature 2856K)
  • ✅【Upgrade Accuracy】±4%rdg ±0.5%f.s (less 10,000 Lux;1,000 FC) / ±5%rdg ±10dgt (over 10,000 Lux;1,000FC) ;Resolution:0.1Lux / 0.01Fc ; 0.1 - 300,000Lux/1 - 30,000FC;Measurement speed: 2 times / second.
  • ✅【270 Degree Rotatable Detector】Keep an eye on the light level anywhere in the room;The light meter sensor can rotate 270 degrees, So you don't need to move the light meter,just need to rotate the degrees to measure the lights that you need.
  • ✅【Multifunction And Easy To Operate】Rapid Response, Auto Zeroing, Data Hold & Peak-Data hold switches, Low power consumption, MAX/MIN Hold,Relative Value,℃/℉ Switch,with LCD backlit
  • ✅【2 Years Warranty】AOPUTTRIVER provide 2 years warranty and lifetime technical support.If there is any product issues, please feel free to contact us!

BTMETER BT-881D Digital Illuminance Light Meter

935994 by BTMETER

  • Color: BT881D (0.01~400,000 Lux)
BTMETER BT-881D Digital Illuminance Light Meter
  • ☀【HIGH ACCURACY】+/- 4% of readings for 10000 Lux, 1000 FC; +/- 5% of readings +/- 10 digits for 400000 Lux, 40000FC
  • ☀【0.4 SECOND RESPONSE】2~3 times sampling per second, Instantly to measure out how much luminosity intensity you’re getting, No more guessing
  • ☀【WIDE MEASURE RANGE】 This light meter can measure luminance at 0.01~400,000 Lumens, (0.01~40,000 Foot Candles), Which is much wider than the others. Resolution 0.01
  • ☀【EASY TO USE】The light sensor can be rotated 270º, so you don’t need to turn around the light meter to measure luminosity intensity from different angles. Just rotate the sensor, and you can still read the illuminance at front
  • ☀【MEMORIZE THE LIGHT READINGS】This Lux Meter can help you record 33 sets of readings,Temp Testing, The RELATIVE measuring mode will show you the difference between current / recorded data. Ideal lux meter to measure light intensity for LED grow lights,garden, plants, school, office, state, LED lights, indoor and outdoor

ALPTHY Light Meter Lux Meter Digital Illuminance Light Meter for


  • Color: Orange
  • Dimensions: 6.9 x 2.2 x 1.2 inches
ALPTHY Light Meter Lux Meter Digital Illuminance Light Meter for
  • High Precision: Measure range from 0 to 200K Lux/0 to 20KFc; High accuracy of ±3% rdg ± 8 dgts (<10,000 Lux)/±4% rdg±10d (>10,000Lux); Sampling time for 2 times each second
  • Easy To Operate: Replace the battery easily with the no screw design; Sensor cover provides enhanced protection for the light sensor
  • Multiple Function: Ambient temperature measure,Color backlight,MAX/MIN,Data hold,Low battery indication,℃/℉ Switch,Lux/Fc Switch,Auto power off after approx.15 minutes inactivity
  • Compact Body: Hand-held design, lightweight and extra portable case make the lux meter easy to transport; Wide range of applications including use in warehouses,factories,hospotal,office,library or home and more.
  • 2 Years Extended Warranty: ALPTHY provides a 1-year limited warranty and 2 years extended warranty. We value product quality and customer experience highly. Contact us if encountered any problems

Amprobe LM-200 LED Light Meter – 👑 Premium Pick

LM-200LED by Amprobe

  • Weight: 0.99 pounds
  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 6.6 x 3 inches
Amprobe LM-200 LED Light Meter
  • Dual-scale meter measures visible light from fluorescent, metal halide, high-pressure sodium, and incandescent sources up to 200,000 lumens per square meter (lux) or 20,000 footcandles (fc)
  • Powered by a 9 V battery (included), and includes a 1.5-meter wire for positioning light sensor and a protective sensor cap
  • Manual ranging, data hold freezes readings on the display, maximum recording displays highest reading, zeroing capability resets the null point and angled light cosine correction corrects for angled light

Dr.meter Professional LED Light Meter

1332B by Dr.meter

  • Color: 1332B LED Light Meter
Dr.meter Professional LED Light Meter
  • ★【Professional LED Light Meter】: Whether you're a set designer, or looking to set the mood, proper lighting is a must. The Dr.meter Digital LED Light Meter measures the brightness (up to 200,000 lux) of fluorescent, metal halide, incandescent, and high-pressure sodium lights, guaranteeing the perfect luminosity every time.
  • ★【Ultra Fast, Ultra Precise】: A split second is all it takes for an accurate reading. An advanced built-in calibration sensor measures the light levels at a super fast, twice per second speed.
  • ★【Easy and Intuitive】: Using this digital LED light meter couldn't be easier. Just turn it on, point it at the light source, and check out the reading on the display screen. There are 4 adjustable measuring ranges (200lux, 2,000lux, 20,000lux, 200,000lux). Preprogrammed settings like auto power off, data hold, unit adjustment, and more do the hard work for you.
  • ★【270 Degree Rotatable Detector】: Keep an eye on the light level anywhere in the room. The optical detector rotates a full 270 degree for muti-directional detection.
  • ★【Tripod Mountable】: Have your hands full? Don't sweat it. Thanks to the screw base design, this LED light meter can be placed on a tripod for hands-free use.

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