10 Best Outdoor Bug Zappers

After analyzing 804 products, scanning 340 reviews, spending more than 36 hours of research and speaking with our test users, we think the Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer is the one of the Best Outdoor Bug Zapper on the market.

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⭐Best Choice
Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer
Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer, 1 Acre Coverage Check price Flowtron $$$$$ Check price
2 Livin' Well Bug Zapper Livin' Well Bug Zapper - Mosquito Zapper, Insect Zapper Trap, Outdoor Bug Zapper Light w/ 4000V Electric Bug Zapper Grid and 18W UVA Mosquito Lamp Check price Livin' Well $$$$$ Check price
3 Pestnot Bug Zapper Electric Mosquito Killer Pestnot Bug Zapper Electric Mosquito Killer - BZ1a-20W Bug Zapper Outdoor & Indoor with IP24 Water Resistance & Dedicated Atrractant Space. Upgraded 2019 360 UVA Bulb. Fly Gnat Zapper (20W) Check price N/A $$$$$ Check price
💲Best value for the money
Black & Decker Bug Zapper Electric Lantern with Insect Tray
Black & Decker Bug Zapper Electric Lantern with Insect Tray, Cleaning Brush, Light Bulb & Waterproof Design for Indoor & Outdoor Flies, Gnats & Mosquitoes Up to 625 Square Feet Check price BLACK+DECKER $$$$$ Check price
5 Bug Zapper Indoor and Outdoor Bug Zapper Indoor and Outdoor - Insects Killer - Fly Trap Outdoor Patio - Insect Killer Zapper - Mosquito Trap - Insect Zapper - Mosquito Attractant Trap - Fly Zapper - Bug Zapper Table Top (Large) Check price Mozart $$$$$ Check price
6 BugAZappa Bug Zapper Lantern | Great Indoor Outdoor Electric Bug BugAZappa Bug Zapper Lantern | Great Indoor Outdoor Electric Bug, Fly & Mosquito Killer | Powerful UV Lamp Light Bulb | for Home & Outdoors Check price BugAZappa $$$$$ Check price
👑Premium Pick
LIGHTSMAX Solar Powered Light
LIGHTSMAX Solar Powered Light, Mosquito and Insect Bug Zapper-LED/UV Radiation Outdoor Stake Landscape Fixture for Gardens, Pathways, and Patios (4) Check price LIGHTSMAX $$$$$ Check price
8 Electric Bug Zapper Mosquito Trap Electric Bug Zapper Mosquito Trap - Mosquito Killer with Insect Zapper Outdoor / Indoor Hook, 18W UVA Bug Zappers Lamp and 4000V Mosquito Zapper Grid Check price Livin' Well $$$$$ Check price
9 Bug Zapper Bug Zapper,Electric Mosquito Zapper, Mosquito Killer, Electronic Insect & Fly Killer for Outdoor and Indoor(2 Packs) Check price Huite $$$$$ Check price
10 Bug Zapper Insect Killer Fly Trap Bug Zapper Insect Killer Fly Trap - Indoor & Outdoor Trap Insect Zapper - Fly Zapper Killer Safe & Non-Toxic - Silent & Effortless Operation pest Control - Electronic Insect Killer Check price N/A $$$$$ Check price

Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer – Best Overall Outdoor Bug Zapper

Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer
  • Advanced Electronic Insect Control
  • Non Clogging Killing Grid. Assembled unit size- 9-3/4 Inch L. x 9-3/4 Inch W x 16-1/2 H
  • 1 Acre Killing Radius, 40-Watt Bulb , The cord is 9" in length
  • Instantaneous Operation,Continuous and Uninterrupted Service
  • This product is for outdoor use only.

Livin' Well Bug Zapper

Livin' Well Bug Zapper
  • ULTIMATE BUG ZAPPER OUTDOOR CONTROL: A mosquito killer for the height of the hot season; fly zapper and outdoor / indoor bug zapper uses 4,000V of electric mosquito killer trap power to rein in flying pests this summer
  • ELECTRIC BUG ZAPPER DEFENDS UP TO 1,500 SQ. FT.: Mosquito lamp has a sprawling outdoor bug zapper wide range; these weatherproof bug zappers keep your outside patio, deck, and property safe from fruit flies and buzzing pests in dry, humid and wet weather
  • TRIPLE MOSQUITO CONTROL: An 18W UVA bug light, a galvanized steel insect zapper grid and insect trap attract and defeat mosquitoes; bug zapper lamp features a standing base with 6-ft. cord and lamp hook for hanging in the pantry, kitchen, yard and beyond
  • LONG-LASTING, EZ-CLEAN MOSQUITO LIGHT: These bug zappers are designed to last up to 8,000 hours; protect your home well beyond the summer mosquito season; unscrew and rinse the bottom mosquitoes trap tray for easy lantern cleanup
  • ELECTRIC MOSQUITO KILLER W/ QUALITY ASSURED: We hope your electronic bug zapper and outdoor / indoor mosquito trap is the perfect fit for your home! We'll provide a full refund if you're not completely satisfied with these bug lights zappers

Pestnot Bug Zapper Electric Mosquito Killer

Pestnot Bug Zapper Electric Mosquito Killer
  • 2019 TECHNOLOGY HIGHLY EFFICIENT: AND GUARANTEED TO ZAP OR GET THE MONEY BACK! The electric bug zapper insect killer and mosquito zapper lamp 20W new light bulb design to ensure product stability and quality - 2000V Punch! With IP24 Waterproofed head
  • POWERFUL: 20 WATT electrically charged metal grid to zap and eliminate annoying and disease-carrying bugs like mosquitos. Use indoor and outdoor using the special built-in metal ring to hang almost anywhere, at the house office, restaurant, kitchen, etc. Finally a smart bug zapper!
  • NO PESTICIDES, ODORS OR CHEMICALS: Safe around humans and environmentally friendly. No chemicals are used, and the only outdoor residue is organic zapped bugs which are absorbed in the ground. works great as an outdoor indoor bug zapper repellent mosquito killer for patio and room
  • WIDE AND VAST COVERAGE AND SO EASY TO USE: lures and zaps insects within a radius of up to an acre! exactly what's expected from a fly zapper. Works even in the rain with water resistance. Just plug into the electricity and let the device work on its own! The mosquito killer bug. Take 10 seconds to clean!
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Use our bug zapper with 100% risk free. Love it or return it Money Back Guarantee for any Reason; 1 Year Warranty for Quality related issues. Customer satisfaction is our first priority we don't compromise on the quality of our products. Buy ourbug zapper care-free.

Black & Decker Bug Zapper Electric Lantern with Insect Tray – Best Budget Outdoor Bug Zapper

Black & Decker Bug Zapper Electric Lantern with Insect Tray
  • PROTECT YOUR YARD FROM PESTS | Indoor & Outdoor Bug Zapper Acts as a Powerful Attractant, Killing Flies, Mosquitoes, Gnats, Wasps, Yellowjackets & Other Biting Bugs Upon Contact | Covers Areas Up to 625 Square Feet [25 Ft x 25 Ft]
  • TWO WAYS TO ZAP AND COLLECT | Versatile Design Allows You to Hang the Lantern Via the Provided Ring & Chain or Use the Sturdy Base to Stand on a Table or Flat Surface | Great for Camping, House, Enclosed Patio, Deck or Garage
  • NON TOXIC UV LIGHT | Ultraviolet Technology Lures & Zaps Bugs for Quick, Humane, Effective Kills, Both Day & Night | Replaceable Bulb Emits an Ideal Glow & Stays Relatively Quiet for Better Ambiance | Safe to Use Around Children & Pets
  • EASY-CLEAN COLLECTION TRAY | Innovative Unit Allows Small & Large Insects to Enter Via Clog-Proof Grid | Simply Take Out the Convenient Removable Tray to Discard of Pests & Use the Bonus Cleaning Brush to Scrub Away Excess Waste
  • PLUG IN FOR POWERFUL RELIEF | Electric Zapper Lures More Bugs Than Handheld Guns, Wands, Swatters & Racquets & Lasts Longer than Battery Operated, Solar Powered or Rechargeable Models | Enjoy Discreet Industrial Strength Coverage!

Bug Zapper Indoor and Outdoor

Bug Zapper Indoor and Outdoor
  • EFFECTIVE AND POWERFUL - Our bug zapper lantern has double mesh grid that increases zapping performance. UV light attracts mosquitos, flies, moths, and other insects with the special (365 nm) wavelength, and then killing them by the 800V high-voltage grid
  • SAFE FOR HUMANS AND PETS - Sturdy plastic grid keeps out children, pets and wildlife. No more pesticides or potentially harmful sprays. Our fly light trap helps you avoid the continuing expenses and inconveniences of chemical insecticides.
  • EASY TO CLEAN UP - Our mosquito killer lamp has a hidden tray for the dead flies in the bottom of the device. To clean it up, simply remove the tray and clean it up with a brush or flush with warm water. Fast and effective!
  • INDOOR AND OUTDOOR SOLUTION - This weatherproof fly zapper can be used both inside and outside of a house, office or restaurant. Perfect for backyards, BBQ and pool area.
  • BEST YARD PLACEMENT - Position BUGs BBQ mosquitos trap at least 10 feet away from areas of human activity, hang or put unit 3-5 feet high, using outdoor extension cord, place near insect breeding grounds, shrubs/trees, shade and standing water.

BugAZappa Bug Zapper Lantern | Great Indoor Outdoor Electric Bug

BugAZappa Bug Zapper Lantern | Great Indoor Outdoor Electric Bug
  • THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST PEST CONTROL BUG ZAPPERS YOU'LL EVER OWN: This amazing electronic bug zapper works right out of the box - simply plug in the power cord and the special uv lamp acts as an irresistible attractant that all flying pests are drawn to. It's strong, durable, and built to last so you can keep it on all night long. This zapper truly has big performance in a small package!
  • POWERFUL 800 VOLT GRID INSTANTLY ZAPS ALL BUGS, FRUIT FLIES, HOUSE FLIES, MOSQUITOS & UNWANTED PESTS: The device has a large electric powered shock grid that has more than enough power to zap any insect that comes in contact with it. Since this zapper does all the work for you, it's an awesome replacement for your old tennis racquet zapper and hand held fly swatter!
  • CHEMICAL FREE & SAFE AROUND THE ENTIRE FAMILY: We encased the shock grid in a durable ABS plastic housing to prevent potential shock injuries to pets and children. We've also included a convenient hanging loop if you'd like to hang your lantern in the front yard, garage, patio, kitchen, or backyard. It's the perfect portable machine for when you're at home or when you go camping!
  • SUPER BRIGHT UV LAMP HAS A LARGE COVERAGE AREA UP TO 275 SQUARE FEET: Most commercial zapper bulbs are dim and wireless battery operated zappers are cheap, but not ours! We've integrated the latest technology into our bright led uv light that attracts bugs from up to 275 feet away!
  • BACKED BY OUR UNLIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY: We guarantee you will love this bug zapper and provide a no questions asked lifetime warranty! You will never need to worry about repair and maintenance as our bug zapper is manufactured to last for years! :)

LIGHTSMAX Solar Powered Light – Premium Pick

LIGHTSMAX Solar Powered Light
  • EASY AND EFFECTIVE- This Solar Powered Light is easy to simply place in the ground next to any garden, path, deck, or pond to immediately light up your walk way. This all-natural fix protects from mosquitos and insects without the use of harmful sprays.
  • ENERGY SAVING- Once placed in direct sunlight, this solar powered outdoor decor light requires no plug-in electricity. Equipped with a low voltage LED bulb, this durable light fixture can last through the nighttime and can withstand nature's elements.
  • MULTI-USE- The striking design adds an attractive decoration to any outdoor area. Also, the included handle makes it easy to travel to barbecues, picnics, camping, hiking, fishing, or for any outdoor activity to repel pesky bugs and prevent bites.
  • SAFE AND DURABLE- This bug zapper and dual LED light is made of a quality plastic construction, built to last for many seasons. In addition, the outer grid provides a layer of protection, great for preventing accidental injuries in children or pets.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS- Dimensions: 3.5" (W) x 14" (L). Uses UV light to attract insects. Stores up to 8 hours of LED light. Requires 1 AA Ni-Cd rechargeable battery (included). Includes on/off/on2 switch (for bug UV or LED setting).

Electric Bug Zapper Mosquito Trap

Electric Bug Zapper Mosquito Trap
  • BUG ZAPPER LANTERN WITH 4,000 VOLTS: This mosquito killer lamp is our strongest electric mosquito killer with 4,000 volts of power; this fly zapper keeps you in control of any bug battle
  • 1,500 SQ. FT. OF MOSQUITO CONTROL AND DEFENSE: Indoor / outdoor bug zapper with 18-watt UVA bug zapper bulb attracts insects, while mosquito zapper galvanized steel grid zaps bugs
  • RELIABLE OUTDOOR / INDOOR BUG ZAPPER: Easy-to-use bug zapper lamp is designed with a base for standing, a 3-ft. cable, and a loop for hanging; this indoor mosquito killer and outdoor fly zapper keeps your family safe from bug bites
  • 8,000 HOURS OF MOSQUITO ZAPPER LIGHT BULB LIFE: Bug zapper light lures insects into the fly zapper grid for up to 8,000 hours; mosquito zapper also comes with a removable tray for easy clean-up
  • FLY KILLER BUG ZAPPERS WITH QUALITY ASSURED: We hope your electric bug zapper is the perfect fit for your home! We'll provide a full refund if you're not completely satisfied with your mosquito killer lamp

Bug Zapper

Bug Zapper
  • ▶Kill Insects Quickly - this bug zapper works more effective without waiting for a few weeks.The insect killer effective kills mosquitoes, black flies and other small flying pests in the dark by providing a bug-free comfort zone
  • ▶Suitable for all Place - Insect killers can be used in a variety of place,such as bedrooms, offices, study rooms, kitchens, nurseries, and any other place where insects need to be killed.
  • ▶Fully Automatic Switch - The Electric mosquito zapper is with the sensor, no need to worry about even if you forget to turn the mosquito zapper on/off, the bug zapper will turn on automatically at night and turn off automatically in the daytime
  • ▶100% Satisfaction and Quality Guarantee - We provide 12 months product warranty and 24*7friendly customer support for any purchase from us.
  • ▶Friendly to Humans and Pets - Free of chemicals and noise,The sound is not detected by the ear and therefore does not interfere with or stimulate humans, cats and dogs.Our bug zapper is harmless and safe for your human and pets. Does no harm to your living environment neither!

Bug Zapper Insect Killer Fly Trap

Bug Zapper Insect Killer Fly Trap
  • KEEP INSECTS AT BAY - Annoyed by bugs and mosquitoes that spread nasty diseases? While traditional methods like citronella sticks or essential oils sound amazing, they don't serve much purpose, and chemicals or toxic fumes could have adverse health impact - eliminate all flying nasties the smart way, and spend lazy evenings lounging without getting bitten/stung - simply use our mosquito killer lamp (UV)!
  • ADVANCED MOSQUITO KILLER - Electric mosquito killer uses 365 Nm wavelength ultraviolet light-emitting bulb that lures insects in and then immediately zaps them with a 100-240 V electric shock. UV mosquito killer lamp features a superior power supply technology and an effective multi-faceted protection circuit that helps save up to 20% electricity.
  • SAFE AND NON-TOXIC - Unlike poisons and chemicals that can potentially harm children, pets, pregnant women and elderly, our UV light mosquito killer doesn't release any bad smell, dangerous fumes, or lethal substances into your living environment. Indoor and outdoor UV mosquito killer is also relatively quiet, thereby ensuring a good night's sleep. And with an ABS round grid body outside, it proves much safer for a place where you have kids or pet.
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND BEAUTIFUL - Bug zapper collects the dead insects at the bottom of the tray that can be effortlessly removed for cleaning, while its tough ABS plastic body is not just resistant to breaking, but looks elegant and minimal! Best mosquito killer can be used in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining room, and more!
  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT: Offering a no-strings-attached, hassle-free lifetime assurance, you can buy the Bug Zapper with confidence and thoroughly enjoy it without a care in the world! If you're not happy with the product for any reason, you're covered by a full, money-back refund. Please Message Us with any questions you may have and we will do our best to resolve your concerns immediately

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