10 Best Penny Boards

After analyzing products, scanning reviews, spending more than 36 hours of research and speaking with our test users, we think the RIMABLE Complete 22" Skateboard (galaxy) is the one of the Best Penny Board on the market.

# Image Name Brand Price
1 RIMABLE Complete 22" Skateboard (galaxy)
(Editor’s Choice)
RIMABLE $$$$$ Check price
2 Penny Graphic Skateboard - Black Gold 22" Penny Australia $$$$$ Check price
3 Cal 7 Mini Cruiser Skateboard Complete 22 Inch Standard Style Plastic Board Style (Icy Green/yellow/light Pink) Cal 7 $$$$$ Check price
4 Penny Nickel Fade Complete Skateboard, Canary, 27" Penny $$$$$ Check price
5 YoTruth Penny Complete Skateboard 22" (Blue)
(Best value for the money)
YoTruth $$$$$ Check price
6 wonnv Retro Mini Cruiser 22 inch Complete Skateboard (Mint deck with Pink wheels) wonnv $$$$$ Check price
7 ENKEEO 22 Inch Cruiser Skateboard Plastic Banana Board with Bendable Deck and Smooth PU Casters for Kids Boys Youths Beginners,Black ENKEEO $$$$$ Check price
8 Penny Classic Complete Skateboard, Ghostly White,Orange Hardware, 22" Penny Australia $$$$$ Check price
9 Penny Classic Skateboard - Casper, 27" Penny Australia $$$$$ Check price
10 Penny Nickel Fade Complete Skateboard, Dusk, 27" Penny $$$$$ Check price

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