10 Best Pool Heaters 2023

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Kokido Keops Solar Dome Above Ground Swimming Pool Water Heater – ⭐ Best Overall Pool Heater

K835CBX/RV by Kokido

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Dimensions: 23.2 x 23.2 x 11.3 inches
Kokido Keops Solar Dome Above Ground Swimming Pool Water Heater
  • Don't let summer's end keep you from swimming, this Kokido Keops Solar Dome Above Ground Pool Water Heater lets you swim on into the cooler months of the year
  • Extend your swimming season with warm water and heat your pool to a warm, comfortable temperature
  • Environmentally friendly heating energy
  • Dramatically reduces or eliminates pool heating costs compared with gas or electrical heater
  • Includes a protective cover for storage purpose when not in use

SunHeater WS220P S220 Solar Heating System 2' X 20' Panel – 💲 Best Budget Pool Heater

WS220P by SunHeater

  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Dimensions: 288 x 1.5 x 24 inches
  • Warranty: 5 years
SunHeater WS220P S220 Solar Heating System 2' X 20' Panel
  • Keep your pool warm with a polypropylene heat collector, solar heater features two threaded-elbow adapters
  • Includes, end caps, stainless steel hose clamps, teflon tape, hoses for second collector
  • Trilingual installation/operation manual (english/French/Spanish)
  • Ordering Guide for Round Pools, 12 to 18 feet: One box, 21 to 24 feet: Two boxes, 27 to 28 feet: Three boxes
  • Ordering guide for oval pools, 12 to 24 feet: one box, 15 to 30 or 16 to 25 feet: two boxes, 16 to 32 or 18 to 34 feet: three boxes

ZZP 240V 3KW Electric Water Heater Thermostat SPA Bath Heater

by ZZP

ZZP 240V 3KW Electric Water Heater Thermostat SPA Bath Heater
  • Note:It is 240V 3KW,only made for US.1.【Automatic Heating】This thermostat is designed specifically for the hot tub, adopted Flow Temperature Sensor TechnologyThe sensor is always under the control of the single-chip microcomputer to accurately and timely monitor the temperature status of the entire heating system and the flow.the water temperature bath maintained at 22-50 degrees Celsius, give your Swimming Pool to create a more comfortable environment
  • 2.【Intelligent Self-checking System】Comprehensively monitor the operating status of the system, and quickly make appropriate judgments and displays, thereby avoiding poor water flow, dry fuel and other failures in the absence of water, and more convenient for the user or maintenance personnel to judge and maintain the fault.
  • 3.【High Quanlity】The heating thermostat liner material is 316# stainless steel and the electric heating tube provided by Duan Baker Company which has good corrosion resistance (chlorine corrosion).
  • 4.【Multiple Protections】The Pool Heater has multiple protections, safety and reliability - over-current, ultra-high temperature, short circuit to the power supply line, and water flow protection.
  • 5.【ST Series Pool Heaters】 special used for small pool less than 5CBM, massage pool and hot spring to heat and keep warm; Meanwhile, can be a assistant for heat pump in heating.This product adopts latest constant temperature controller- -temperature sensor replaces traditional magnetic flow switch,it improves greatly of trouble free in working time, adaptability of water environment and stability.

SunHeater S120U Universal Solar Pool Heater 2 by 20-Feet

S120U by SunHeater

  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 18 pounds
  • Dimensions: 120 x 27.5 x 16 inches
SunHeater S120U Universal Solar Pool Heater 2 by 20-Feet
  • Simple DIY installation; for in ground or above ground pools
  • Installs on roof, rack, ground or fence
  • Patented web design for maximum exposure to sun's rays
  • Uses existing pool pump
  • Raises pool water temperature 6-10 degrees F
  • Power Source Type: Manual

EcoSmart SMART POOL 27 Electric Tankless Pool Heater – 👑 Premium Pick

Smart POOL 27 by Ecosmart US

  • Weight: 24.25 pounds
  • Dimensions: 6 x 14 x 17 inches
  • Warranty: 2 year warranty from date of registration. Warranty registration must be received within 30 days of purchase. Warranty covers only the product with the exception of the heating elements. Labor and other incidentals are not covered.
EcoSmart SMART POOL 27 Electric Tankless Pool Heater
  • Flow Activation
  • Eco smart Pool Heaters are compact and easy to install for a new or existing pool
  • Set your temperature digitally to increments of 1-Degree. Set it and forget it.
  • Compatible with Eco smart Remote Control. Activation Flow - 12 +/- 2 GPM
  • Can be used as an alternative to or booster to heat pump.
  • wattage: 27000.0

Sun2Solar Blue 16-Foot-by-32-Foot Rectangle Solar Cover | 1200 Series |

BLUE by Sun2Solar

  • Color: Blue
  • Dimensions: 51 x 15 x 14 inches
Sun2Solar Blue 16-Foot-by-32-Foot Rectangle Solar Cover | 1200 Series |
  • ATTRACTIVE BLUE DESIGN - Sun2Solar solar blankets are made from a film of thousands of tiny bubbles, which work together to collect and retain heat both at night and on those chilly days. The blue color provides an appealing look while also using the sun’s rays to help warm your swimming pool.
  • MINIMIZE WATER EVAPORATION - The use of a solar cover helps in preventing up to 95% of pool water evaporation. When not enjoying a refreshing swim, keeping your pool covered lessens the vast amount of water lost into the environment. Fill up your swimming pool less and enjoy it more!
  • JUMP INTO WARMTH - Show friends and family your bravery by jumping in without the standard toe dip. Enter the swimming pool confidently knowing the Sun2Solar solar cover has kept the water warm just for you. It’s easy to put on and take off allowing more time for showing off.
  • HEAT RETENTION - After everyone has called it a day with wrinkled fingers from too much fun in the sun, make sure to place this solar cover back atop the water. Don’t lose all of that warmth generated throughout the day when the sun sets. Assure your pool’s temperature does not drop too much by protecting it at night through use of a solar blanket.
  • TRIM TO FIT - Your pool may be uniquely shaped and getting the right fit is as easy as finding a marker and sharp pair of scissors. Have the bubbles facing down to the water and trace a line on the cover showing where you should cut off the additional material. Do so confidently knowing this won’t affect the manufacturer’s warranty---they understand.

1500W Immersion Heater

by Gesail

  • Color: Silver
  • Weight: 1.85 pounds
  • Dimensions: 16.9 x 3 x 3 inches
1500W Immersion Heater
  • High Power: 1500W, 120V(MUST USE 15A OUTLET, THIS HEATER IS 12.5A CURRENT) travel immersion water heater, High power for quickly heating, heats 5 gallons of water in few minutes, portable immersion heater will heat water continuously over 180 degrees F and towards boiling(It can't boil water).greatly saving your time. Note:people can't be in the water while the heater is working.
  • Thermostat and Auto Shut off - The middle stainless steel tube contains a thermal overload safety switch, when water reaches a certain temperature(about 180-194 degrees F), immersion heater for water can automatically cycle on and off to maintain water temperature. It will not overheating and save power.Dry burning will auto shut off power to avoid catching fire.
  • 304 Stainless-steel Guard - The heavy duty 304 stainless-steel guard on the electric bucket heater protects the heating element from directly contacting persons or animals. The holes on the guard help release heat into the water faster.
  • Simple Operation - Immerse in water at proper level. Plug into any grounded wall outlet. Check power indicator light in plug to make sure the water bucket heater is on. then the portable water heater starts working. Warning: the cord and handle can't be submerged in water.
  • UL-Listed against to the US safety standards, 12-month warranty. Package included: 1 pack bucket heater + Manual.

OUTERDO Immersion Water Heater


  • Dimensions: 3.9 x 4.3 x 3.9 inches
OUTERDO Immersion Water Heater
  • ✔ 【Heating Water in Minutes】Submersible electric heater makes water heating more efficiency and boil 5 gallon of the water in minutes, all you need to do is just put the heater in to the water then connect the 120V power supply, easy to use.
  • ✔ 【Easy to Use】Place immersion heater for water in a container designed to contain boiling water, fill the container with water to full cover the submersible bucket heater shield(including stainless-steel guard and plastic part), plug portable water heater into a properly grounded 120V AC outlet, make sure the portable immersion heater is on, Feel the difference in a few minutes!
  • ✔ 【Warning】①The heater needs to be completely immersed in water in working condition②Do not use it for more than 3 hours continuously! ③Please do not plug the two heaters into the same outlet to avoid fire hazards. ④Please take out the heater before touching the water!
  • ✔ 【High Quality & Safety】With high quality stainless-steel protect cover,submersible water heater will effectively prevent the heating element is in direct contact with people or animals and heat dissipates to the water faster by flowing through the holes in the guard.We select the high performance heating element which has been strictly tested to ensure the superior quality, durable and reusable.
  • ✔ 【Widely Application】The Immersion Water Heater can be used in different size container like bucket, basin, bath tub, mini inflatable swimming pool, etc.Unlike the common bucket heater, in appearance, this water heater is lighter and smaller,making it perfect for travels and road trips.

Immersion Pool Heater

Yellow by AshelyZ

Immersion Pool Heater
  • [HEATS WATER FASTER]: AshelyZ 1500W high power immersion water heater could heat water fast and won't waste too much electricity. In the cold winter, you don't need to wait for the warm water a long time anymore. When you get the IQueen's immersion water heater, only a few minutes, you will enjoy hot water, anywhere.
  • [SAFETY GUARD]: This Immersion Electric Water Heater has 304 Stainless-steel Guard. Heating for a long time in the water will not cause rust, and also protects the heating element from directly contacting people, prevent scald effectively. Comes with a water temperature gauge, which you could stop heat water in time when the temperature reaches your requirement.
  • [PREMIUM MATERIALS]: The power cord plugs are all UL certification. More safety than assembled wires and plugs. Just plug into any grounded wall outlet. The travel heater will heat water continuously towards the most suitable temperature.
  • [EASY TO USE]: You could just put the WHOLE immersion pool heater in water. Please note the heater must be immersed in water completely during use. Through water temperature gauge, you could follow with the temperature. Note: It is recommended that the immersion water heater continuous use should not exceed 3 hours at a time.
  • [PORTABLE & WIDELY USE]: You could use the AshelyZ pool warmer anywhere. It supports being used in different size containers like a bucket, basin, bathtub, mini inflatable portable pool, etc. It is the first choice for home and outdoor jobs. It will auto cut the electric connect when the temperature higher than 158 degrees F.

VEVOR Electric Pool Heater 11KW 220V Swimming Pool Electric Heater


VEVOR Electric Pool Heater 11KW 220V Swimming Pool Electric Heater
  • 【HIGH-QUALITY POOL HEATER】- Power: 11 KW; Input Voltage: AC 220-240V 50/60Hz; Current: 50A; Product Size: 18.7 x 14 x 3.9"; The swimming pool heater adopts an aluminum-coated housing plate, using stainless steel heating tube for anti-corrosion. It features fast heat exchange efficiency and good anti-rust performance.
  • 【FLOW TEMPERATURE SENSOR】- The electric pool heater adopts the advanced control system. The flow-temperature sensor is always under the control of software, accurately and timely monitoring the temperature status of the whole heating system.
  • 【INTELLIGENT SELF-CHECKING SYSTEM】- The intelligent self-diagnose function can detect automatically to reach the set temperature. Temperature setting range: 22℃~50℃ or 72℉~122℉; The power supply of the heater will cut off to protect the pool heater from unexpected situations.
  • 【SAFE & EASY TO OPERATE】- The electric heat pump pool heater is not complicated to operate the whole installation method. The product is easy and quick to control by tripping the power switch automatically with high security. Note:You must wire this item yourself.
  • 【VERSATILE USAGE PLACE】- The swimming pool water heater conducts automatic heating with a stable temperature to create a more comfortable environment. It is specially designed for a hot tub, massage pool, and hot spring to heat and keep warm.Capacity:Less than 7.5CBM(1981 gallon);Suitable For: Max 7.5CBM (1981 gallon) Hot Tub & Swimming Pool Equipment.

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