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Moon Lamp
Moon Lamp, LOGROTATE 16 Colors LED 3D Print Moon Light with Stand & Remote&Touch Control and USB Rechargeable, Moon Light Lamps for Kids Lover Birthday Gifts(Diameter 4.8 INCH) Check price LOGROTATE $$$$$ Check price
2 Moon Lamp 3d Printing 16 Colors Moon Light with Stand Moon Lamp 3d Printing 16 Colors Moon Light with Stand & Remote &Touch Control and USB Rechargeable (Diameter 4.72 inch), Best Birthday Thanksgiving Christmas Gifts for Baby Kids Lover, Halloween Decor Check price DTOETKD $$$$$ Check price
ūüí≤Best value for the money
Mydethun Moon Lamp Moon Light Night Light for Kids Gift
Mydethun Moon Lamp Moon Light Night Light for Kids Gift for Women USB Charging and Touch Control Brightness 3D Printed Warm and Cool White Lunar Lamp(3.5In moon lamp with stand) Check price Mydethun $$$$$ Check price
ūüĎĎPremium Pick
Moon Lamp Moon Light 3D Moon Lamp with Timer
Moon Lamp Moon Light 3D Moon Lamp with Timer - Seamless - 3 Color Moon Night Light with Stand - Mood Lamp Book, Globe, Cool Lamp, USB Charging, with Wooden Stand, Box, Kids, Moonlight LED, 5.9 in Check price ATHENA FUTURES $$$$$ Check price
5 7 inch Moon Lamp 7 inch Moon Lamp,6inch,8inch,9inch,10inch and11inch Diameter Moon Light Lamps are Available, 3D Printing Moon Lamp with Stand,Touch Control and Remote Control with LED 16 Colors. Check price ZgmdaHOME $$$$$ Check price
6 Ehobroc Moon Lamp Ehobroc Moon Lamp, 3D Printing Moon Globe Light 5.9 Inch Glowing Moon Lamp Tap Change 3 Colors (Cool/Warm White and Yellow), Decor Moon Light for Kids, Birthday, Bedside Check price Ehobroc $$$$$ Check price
7 7.1 Inch Full Moon Lamp 7.1 Inch Full Moon Lamp,5.9in,7.9in,9.1in and 10.1in 3D Moon Lamp,3D Printing LED 16 Colors Moon Light, Touch and Remote Control Moon Light Check price N/A $$$$$ Check price
8 Moon Lamp Moon Light Kids Night Light Galaxy Lamp 16 Moon Lamp Moon Light Kids Night Light Galaxy Lamp 16 Colors LED 5.9 Inch 3D Star Lamp with Wood Stand, Touch & Remote Control & USB Rechargeable Baby Light Perfect Gift for Girls Lover Friend Birthday Check price SEGOAL $$$$$ Check price
9 3D Moon Lamp 3D Moon Lamp - Rechargeable Night Light,16 LED Colors, Dimmable, (Standard, 4.7in) with Wooden Stand, Remote & Touch Control - Nursery Decor for Your Baby, Birthday Gift Idea for Women Check price Mind-glowing $$$$$ Check price
10 Moon Lamp Moon Lamp, 3 Colors 3D Print Led Moon Night Light Lamps, USB Rechargeable & Touch Control Dimmable Moon Lamp with Stand, Creative Moon Light Room Decor for Kids Women Lover Birthday Gifts (3.9 inch) Check price PETRIP $$$$$ Check price

Moon Lamp – Best Overall Moon Lamp

Moon Lamp
  • Moon lamp with the diameter is 4.8 INCH, made with 3D printing technology, realistic full moon shape, the surface of the moon lamp is very close to the lunar moon, novelty and charming
  • Moon lamp with 16 color RGB, and the 16 colors can flash or fade or strobe, dreamlike and creative decorative lights, perfect decorative lights or gift for Christmas, thanksgiving, birthdays, party, wedding, anniversary, lover, kids, children bedroom, living room, dinning room and outdoor decoration, a favorite gift for your friends or lover
  • Moon light with remote & touch control model. And the REMOTE CONTROL DISTANCE CAN REACH TO 30 FEET. Use the remote control to change the color or also the brightness of the color, very convenient for you to choose your perfect color
  • Moon lamp with the build-in rechargeable battery, can charge on your computer / power bank or charge adaptor etc. No line hanging around, you can hold the moon light on your hand. Moon lamp made of FDA approved PLA, environmental and nontoxic, offer 100% guarantee for you
  • What You Get : 24-hour professional service center, no-hassle full money refund within 30 days, 12 months warranty and 24/7/365 technical support

Moon Lamp 3d Printing 16 Colors Moon Light with Stand

Moon Lamp 3d Printing 16 Colors Moon Light with Stand
  • Moon¬†lamp¬†made¬†with¬†3D¬†printing¬†technology,¬†realistic¬†full¬†moon¬†shape,¬†the¬†surface¬†of¬†the¬†moon¬†lamp¬†is¬†very¬†close¬†to¬†the¬†lunar¬†moon,¬†novelty¬†and¬†charming
  • Moon¬†lamp¬†designed¬†with¬†16¬†colors, the¬†colors¬†can¬†be¬†flash,smooth,fade¬†and¬†strobe,very¬†colorful¬†and¬†full¬†of¬†fantasy. Perfect¬†decoration¬†lights¬†or¬†gift¬†for¬†Valentines¬†,Christmas,Thanksgiving,Birthday¬†,Party,Wedding,¬†Anniversary¬†and¬†other
  • Moon¬†lamp with remote&touch control models:¬†color¬†and¬†brightness¬†of¬†the¬†light¬†emitted¬†by¬†the¬†lamp¬†can¬†be¬†controlled¬†using¬†a¬†remote¬†control¬†or¬†touch¬†control. And¬†the¬†REMOTE¬†CONTROL¬†DISTANCE¬†CAN¬†REACH¬†TO¬†30¬†FEET, choose¬†any¬†color¬†as¬†you¬†like
  • Moon¬†lamp¬†with built-in¬†USB¬†rechargeable¬†battery, full¬†charge¬†takes¬†about¬†2¬†hours, it¬†can¬†last¬†6-12¬†hours¬†(depends¬†on¬†brightness). And the moon light can WORK NORMALLY IN CHARGING STATUS !
  • Moon¬†lamp¬†made¬†of¬†FDA¬†approved¬†PLA,¬†environmental¬†and¬†100%¬†nontoxic,¬†very¬†durable¬†and¬†not¬†easy¬†break.Just¬†for¬†full¬†refund¬†or¬†replacement¬†if¬†you¬†have¬†any¬†concerns.

Mydethun Moon Lamp Moon Light Night Light for Kids Gift – Best Budget Moon Lamp

Mydethun Moon Lamp Moon Light Night Light for Kids Gift
  • ‚ėÄECO-MATERIALS: The moon night light is made by 3D printer with materials(PLA)
  • ‚ėÄDUAL COLOR: Touch to change color (white and yellow)and adjust brightness. Long press to enable the dim function
  • ‚ėÄLASTING LIFE: Includes a rechargeable battery : Charge for 2-3 hours, use 8-10 hours
  • ‚ėÄSpecial Design of The Bottom: Mini touch switch is separated from the charging port, easy for touch control. The diameter of the hole for assembling is only 2cm, maximum retain the moon's shape.
  • ‚ėÄCOOL GIFT& MOON LIGHT IN THE ROOM : Gift for Valentine's Day; Comes in a box,Presenting the real moon surface with 3D Printing technology.

Moon Lamp Moon Light 3D Moon Lamp with Timer – Premium Pick

Moon Lamp Moon Light 3D Moon Lamp with Timer
  • [MOON LAMP DESIGNED IN USA ‚̧ԳŹ, BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL]: Your 3d printed moon lamp is an artistic creation which will put a smile on you and your loved ones. Your lamp can be arranged to give pleasing illumination to your family room, children's room or anywhere your heart desires.
  • [BEAUTIFUL NIGHT LIGHT 💡 FOR YOUR LOVED ONES OR YOURSELF, WITH AN ELEGANT GIFT BOX🎁]: The moon lamp is an ideal gift for house warming, baby hamper, Christmas or Thanksgiving. Your lamp comes in an elegant gift box suitable for many occasions. Your loved ones of all ages will enjoy the soft lustrous light and the natural appearance of the moon lamp as it add beauty to their d√©cor.
  • [3 COLOR MOON LAMP WITH REMOTE AND TIMER]- Your moon lamp displays 3 beautiful colors - white, yellow and roseate. All the three colors can individually be dimmed as per your preference. atisfied with your product or receive your money back. Buy worry free, we are sure you will love your 3d Printed Moon Lamp.
  • [USB CHARGING CAPABILITY OR KEEP IT PLUGGED IN] - Your moon 🌕 comes with a USB charging cable of close to 4 feet so you can charge your lamp from any power source like your laptop, power bank or even keep it plugged in while in use and use the remote to switch it on..
  • [ELEGANT MOON 🌕 GIFT BOX AND BOOKLET, SWITCH MECHANISM]: A copyright beautiful gift booklet comes with your moon lamp depicting areas on the moon alongwith Apollo Lunar landing sites🚀. You will love it! Your moon lamp comes with a tap on switch mechanism with dimming capabilities and 3 colors -white, yellow and roseate and also a fully functional remote.

7 inch Moon Lamp

7 inch Moon Lamp
  • The 3D printing manufacturing technology enables the surface of the lamp to exhibit a realistic moon-like texture.
  • The moon light that emits 16 different colors. The colors can flash and fade, seamlessly transitioning into one another.
  • The moon night light color and brightness of the light emitted by the lamp can be controlled using a remote control or touch control.
  • The moon lamp is manufactured using 3D printing technology and produced from PLA, a biodegradable and renewable material. It operates using energy efficient LED lights and supports USB charging.It contains a built-in rechargeable lithium battery.
  • The luna moon lamp can be used normally when charging.The 3D moon lamp built-in rechargeable battery provides 8-48 hours of illumination, depending on the brightness of the light emitted. It can be charged using a standard USB charging port. The lamp is cordless, making it convenient and portable for outdoor and home decoration.

Ehobroc Moon Lamp

Ehobroc Moon Lamp
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN & VIVID MOON‚úĒÔłŹ- the moon light is based on photos captured by NASA satellite. Craters, curves, and mountains have been carefully designed to closely portray the moon's surface - makes the moon lamp shade look incredibly realistic,vividly presenting moon's surface.
  • SAFE FOR KIDS & ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY‚úĒÔłŹ- the moon globe light was mainly made of PVC, combined with ABS for the shell, eco-friendly & non-toxic material. The glowing moon lamp is much more durable and unbreakable than other product among the market, improved burning point to prevent any risk after long-time lighting. The moon light with stand safely casts a gentle glow on your kid's desk or bedside table.
  • 3 COLORS CHANGE & RECHARGEABLE‚úĒÔłŹ- tap the moon lamp to change colors(warm white/cool white/yellow), and the glowing moon light will turn off at the fourth time of tapping. Gentle LED lights, energy saving. The moon lamp works up to 8 hours after fully charged, charging time is approx 2 hours via any USB port such as laptop, USB adapter or power bank. (USB adapter is not included)
  • A PERFECT GIFT‚úĒÔłŹ- the glowing moon lamp is a perfectly romantic and mysterious moon gift for girls / boys / women / kids / parents / lover etc., it's a perfect Birthday & Valentine gift for her or him. An ideal creative decorated moon night light for bedroom, table, desk, office and cafe, the glowing moon light would create a wonderful cozy environment beyond your expectations.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE‚úĒÔłŹ- at Ehobroc, we combine the latest technologies to design and build solid, reliable gadgets to our valued customers! We offer 30-days money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty for any quality-related issues. If you have any questions about our 3d moon globe light, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly support team, we will try our best to help you! Buy with Confidence Now!

7.1 Inch Full Moon Lamp

7.1 Inch Full Moon Lamp
  • This model of moon light lamps is 3D printed and not manufactured from moulds. You can rest assured that it is produced to the highest quality.
  • This 3d lamp is safe and reliable. It uses energy-saving LED bulb. The bulb and the shell will maintain good condition for a long period of use. It will release 3000k light which will not hurt the eyes. The shell is made from eco-friendly material PLA which is extracted from the corn stem. The lamp is non-toxic.
  • Using cutting-edge 3D technology creates a realistic moon surface texture. It contains built-in rechargeable batteries and 16 colors LED lighting effects. Touching the on-off sensor for less than one second enables you to switch between 16-colored light. Touching the sensor for over a second enables you to adjust light brightness.
  • This type of 3d moon lamp is not only a beautiful night light, but also a fashionable and beautiful ornament for the family parties, bars, caf√©s and wedding ceremony events.
  • Advanced 3D print technology is used to provide the perfect moon surface image. It appears a real moon in your room.

Moon Lamp Moon Light Kids Night Light Galaxy Lamp 16

Moon Lamp Moon Light Kids Night Light Galaxy Lamp 16
  • „Äź3D Printing, Safe for Kids„ÄĎ: Unlike other cheap moonlight, SEGOAL 26 + HRS moon light went through 3D printing process to ensure the surface of each meteorite crater same with NASA satellite images. The lamp is made from DURABLE&SUPERIOR PLA, the best material for 3D printing. After a high altitude test, dropping within a height of 6.5 feet will not cause damage to the star lamp.
  • „ÄźTouch Button and Remote Control „ÄĎ: Touch button and remote control can be used to change the color atmosphere of moonlight lamp. 16 different RGB colors and four modes can be conducted through the remote control, whenever you want to be comfortable, romantic, quiet or gorgeous,It can build an incredible atmosphere.
  • „ÄźUSB Charging„ÄĎ : the moonlight is equipped with a USB charging line, car charger, power bank, computer charging, anytime, anywhere you need. SEGOAL upgraded product battery with 500mAh which can be lasted for 15 hours in the mode of soft blue light.
  • „ÄźThe Comfortable Brightness„ÄĎ: SEGOAL LED lamp builds a flicker-free comfortable light, the moon-light is suitable for the room, courtyard, home party, coffee shop, etc. No matter your kids, wife, sister or girlfriend, our moon lights will make their bedroom full of vitality!
  • „ÄźWonderful Gift„ÄĎ: SEGOAL's design combined with the latest technology, to provide customers an excellent experience in light of the moon. Perfect gift for friends, children, family, holidays, birthdays, weddings or anniversaries.

3D Moon Lamp

3D Moon Lamp
  • 🌕 SURPRISINGLY REALISTIC - Unlike other cheap-looking moon lamps, ours went through a CAREFUL 26+ HRS 3D PRINTING PROCESS to make sure every crater on the surface looks identical to NASA's satellite images. The lamp is made of DURABLE & SUPERIOR PLA, the optimal material for 3D printing.
  • 🎁 MOONLIGHT AS A GIFT - If you're looking for a unique & practical present for the women in your life, this is one of those gifts they will ABSOLUTELY LOVE. Be it your mom, wife, sister or girlfriend, our moon will jazz up their nightstand for sure! Ideal for birthday celebration, housewarming party or baby shower. 🎄Be the one who stands out this Christmas with a gift that will have them singing "Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars"! 🌟
  • ‚úÖ CONVENIENT TOUCH & REMOTE CONTROL allow you to choose between 16 COLORS, 5 WORKING MODES & 5 STAGES of BRIGHTNESS. Our moon lamp will set the mood whether you want it cosy, romantic, peaceful or feel-good. Dim it "to bright enough to see around", but "not too bright to keep you from falling asleep".
  • 🛏 BRING THE MOON TO YOUR KID'S ROOM - Light your child's DORM or NURSERY with a SOOTHING glow. We listened to parents' opinions and have UPGRADED THE BATTERY to last up to 15 hours on one charge (more than a cell phone). You can leave it on the entire night if your little one is afraid of the dark. Simply comfort them with our kid-friendly & soft glowing moon.
  • 💯 LIFETIME WARRANTY - There are no guarantees in life, except the one that comes with every Mind-glowing product. If you ever have an issue, SIMPLY CONTACT US and we'll make it up to you. Our team is well known for a top customer service. Remember, we are here to help.

Moon Lamp

Moon Lamp
  • Moon lamps are printed by FDA-approved PLA using 3D printing technology, realistic magical full moon shape, the surface of the moon lamp is very close to the luna moon, novelty & charming and cute.
  • Lunar lights as magical gift, a magic & enchanting moon ball mood lighting with 3 colors for Valentine's, birthday, housewarming parties, baby showers, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Parties, Wedding. A unique holiday gift for women and children.
  • Enchanted moon lamp works as a cool & hypnotically night lights for your newborn / kids / baby. With soft lighting, help your child feel safer and fall asleep faster while sleeping. Sweet sleep, amazing dream.
  • Moon globe lamp works as a novelty dreamlike and romantic decorative lights for your kids' nursery room, living room, dining room and bedroom. Soft moonlight can also be used as a source of reading and relaxing before going to bed.
  • Moonlights come on with USB charging port, you can charge this moon ball light on your computer / power bank / charger adaptor etc, no line hang aroundÔľĆcharge for 2 hours, use 8-10 hours. If anything goes wrong with the moon ball, we GUARANTEE its replacement.

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